Let us die young or let us live forever ((1D))

Jeanette and Amalie are best friends. They move together to London where they get a big surprise when they notice who their neighbors are. Louis and Harry fall in love with the same girl while Niall having trouble with his emotions. follow love, cheating, and friendship between the girls and boys from one direction.


7. kiss with Liam and my bra.

Jeanette perspective:

I walked into the room with Amalie. I put my long auburn hair into a knoll, put small amounts of pillows and a thick layer of waterproof mascara. I took a pair of blue shorts and a striped shirt. "LOUIS wannabe" cried Amalie. I threw a pillow at her head, and after we were full of laughter on the floor. "What .. 'do you have anything with Louis? "asked Amalie. "No, I do not think?" I said questioningly. I did not know. So I thought Harry and I flirted all right a lot, but I do not know. It's probably just me. "If you had to choose between Harry and Louis, who would you rather have something with" Amalie asked teasingly. "Hmm. Harry, no, Louis .. hmm. None of them .. Well both of them?! I do not know," cried I confused.

Everything was so difficult to find out. I got so many butterflies in my stomach when I was with Harry, but I did also with Louis and with Louis, I could be 100 percent myself ... But on the other hand, Harry do something special about me.   Finally, we were at the beach. It was a wildly beautiful beach and the water was clear. I put my towel out and put me on it. I could see that Niall was sitting and gave Amalie sunscreen on. It was really sweet, they were altogether just sweet! I hold onto my stomach, and went on twitter. Harry sat on me, he stroked quiet and forth on my back. "Remember the sunscreen. We can not have you become sunburned" he said and smiled. I could not look at him and see his smile, but I could feel it, I could feel his joy warm my body.  

"AHR" I squealed when something cold hit my body, but after a short while I could feel Harry's hands on my back. Harry opened my bra and rubbed sunscreen all over my back, down the thighs, down by the shoulders and arms. It was so pleasant, but also very attractive. The soft way he touched my body on made me tremble.   There had been a while and Harry decided to lie down beside me. There we lay and looked each other in the eye. Harry took my hand and smiled to me.

  "ARG" I screamed! When wet hands hold around my suntanned body. I looked into the cutest blue eyes. "Louis my bra" I shouted, but he ignored me. I had forgotten about that Harry had opened it when he rubbed sunscreen all over me, so now was my bra in the sand and Louis was going to throw me into the water.   He went farther and farther out, and finally hold his breath oh dived under the waters with me in his arms.   Louis brought me out of the water and sat down on my towel. "LIAM hand me my bra!" I shouted. Liam looked first surprising to me because he does not really understood what I said at the outset. "Come to get it" he shouted back. I sighed and then look up to him. Liam keep my bra up in the air so I could not reach it. "LIAM!" "Give me a kiss then you get it" he laughed. I went up close to Liam rushed me to keep hold of his head and pulled his lips against mine and gave him a hard and wet kisses.

Liam were as frozen. I grabbed my bra and walked toward Zayn. "Shut it" And he webbing as I said.  


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