Let us die young or let us live forever ((1D))

Jeanette and Amalie are best friends. They move together to London where they get a big surprise when they notice who their neighbors are. Louis and Harry fall in love with the same girl while Niall having trouble with his emotions. follow love, cheating, and friendship between the girls and boys from one direction.


16. I love you Amalie.


Jeanette perspective:

  I did not know what to say or do. I was stiff in my body, I was scared. I did not like the two boys I loved most, arguing due me. No, that was not to be. I would not break up their friendship. Their friendship is more important than me. Really.   I took care Liams hand and pulled him into my room. "Liam, what should I do?" I said and felt how tears pressed. "Jeanette BABE .. The best thing you can do is follow your heart," he replied and gently stroked my cheek .. "But Liam .. Harry makes me so happy, I love him with all my heart .. But I love Louis as loud .. If not more .. But he does not make me happy? .." I said and sighed deeply and then I Liam took to me a long hug. I pulled myself quietly out of hugged. I stood for a while and looked out into the air and then I went with a certain step towards Louis took his hand and pulled him over to Harry.

"Boys, I can not choose between you, I would not ruin your friendship! Can not see the boys? Your friendship is much more valuable an myself." I said definitely "Well, I am." said Harry and Louis gaping before I broke them "No. Just No. I will not ruin your friendship, maybe it just best that I not with any of you .. I'm sorry. "I looked alternately at Harry and Louis. Harry stood with tears in his eyes. My eyes land on Louis, his beautiful blue eyes. His face was all wet with tears. He was crushed." No Jeanette .. Take Harry .. You are so cute together. I enjoy seeing the way he does you happy at .. I wish the best for you, even if it is not with me. "Said Louis and walked slowly toward me. He put his hand on my cheek," I love you, Jeanette, "he whispered and kissed tenderly my lips. I was like petrified . I would have Louis .. I loved him, but he would not even fight for me. I gently stroked his cheek as he slowly took a few steps backward and then he turned around and walked out the door. "Wait here," said Harry and quickly kissed my cheek, then he rushed out the door after Louis.   My legs fall together under me, then I countries hard on the floor. I was crushed. I wish they both came back. I will not let go of any of them. I felt two muscular arms that carried me into my room. He smelled good. I felt safe. I looked up in a few reassuring brown eyes.

"Zayn .." I whispered low, and then he kissed my hair. I sat and cried in Zayns arms when I heard Nialls voice out of time.   Nialls perspective:   "Liam, I must talk with you?" I asked before I went into my room. Shortly after Liam came into the room. "What Niall" said Liam questioning. "Well, you know .. I'd really like Amalie ..

And I'll take her out for dinner tonight .. Yeah .. I bought a ring for her as a symbol of our love. Do you think she would like it? " I said and opened a box today there was a small silver ring in. "Yes, definitely!" Squealed Liam. "I can really like her, you know. I have many times tried to tell her that .. that .. I love her, but what if she does not love me?" I said after. "Niall Horan .. She's dead in love with you. Of course she loves you." Liam said and smiled. I smiled back and gave Liam a big hug and we walked into the room to Amalie.   I was still sitting in the living room along with Liam and Amalie. I wanted to go to Jeanette, I wanted to see how she felt. "I come on a little" I whispered low and relax their grip on Amalie and raised me. "Niall: Wait." Cried Amalie. I looked confused at her. "Why spend so much time on her?, Why are not you with me, I am your girlfriend forhelvede!" Cried Amalie again. "Well Amalie, she needs me," I replied, looking down into the ground. "But I also need you Niall, you do not care about me. You'd rather keep on Jeanette and nuzzle her than to kiss me," said Amalie little calmer.

"Amalie! .. Jeanette needs me, and you've just not been there for her. Think of someone other than yourself." I replied that I walked into the room to Jeanette. She was totally crying finished in Zayns embrace. I sat crouched down in front of her. "Are you okay sweet" I whispered while I removed some hair from her face, and put it behind her ear. She looked so innocent. She did not deserve this treatment. She nodded briefly, then she again began to cry. "It'll go nice .. You know you can always come to me if there is something" I said quietly and kissed her forehead. "You just come in when you're not ready '." I said, then she looked me in the eye as a yes. "I love you, remember that Jeanette" I said and was going to raise me when Jeanette took my hand and pulled me into a hug and she whispered into my ear "I love you Niall. Thank you." I pulled myself out of hugged and walked out of the room as I ran into Amalie. She gave a gasp from him since our bodies hit hard into each other. "What are you doing?". I asked confused. "Do you love her?" Amalie said, weeping. "Yes, do not you Amalie?" I replied even more confused. "Why are not you dating her! Her can you say that you love her!" Cried Amalie and pushed me in the chest. I looked into her blue eyes. I could not say anything I would say I loved her ..

But I could not. I did not know what to do. I turned and ran crying out of the door.


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