Let us die young or let us live forever ((1D))

Jeanette and Amalie are best friends. They move together to London where they get a big surprise when they notice who their neighbors are. Louis and Harry fall in love with the same girl while Niall having trouble with his emotions. follow love, cheating, and friendship between the girls and boys from one direction.


5. I could fell her warm breath


Jeanette stood up by Harry. Had he not discovered her yet '. She put her arms around him and noticed that he got a minor scare, but he quickly became calm again. Jeanette stood holding the chest on Harry, it was fantastic. She could smell him, a scent that gave her butterflies in the stomach. His rapid, yet soothing respiration. She could hear his heart beat, in the silence.  

'-Harry's perspective:  

I could feel her warm breath on my neck. The way she got my hair to waving her breath, wedged on my cheek. She smelled really good. I wish we could be in this moment into an eternity. Our figures reflected in the window. I could see her beautiful face. I turned and looked into the beautiful green-blue eyes. "Are you okay?" she uttered with her plump lips.

Her gentle voice gave me goosebumps. I nod, smiling to her. She jumped into my arms. We hugged, we hugged for long time. I hold her in my arms, I hold tight and I did not want to let go again. "Come on Harry" she said and took my hand. It was a lovely way she hold my hand on. When we sat down, she would pull his hand away. I gave her hand a squeeze. I did not want her to move it. It was so calm, so safe and so warm. She smiled to me, with a flirty smile and looked forward to the movie.   - Nialls perspective:   My hand was very sweaty, of keeping Amalie hand. All in allwas mine body sweaty. She gave me a warm feeling in my body. She made me nervous, but in a good way. I would really like it. Like her. She's wildly sweet. I just sat and admired her, admired the way she sat with tears in his eyes and saw Titanic.  

  Jeanette perspective:  

There I sat back, between Louis and Harry. In all that time I've been a fan of One Direction, I've been totally obsessed with Louis, but Harry is simply so beautiful!   The movie ended and there was an awkward silence. "when, but .. we should probably also to go home." I smiled questioners, onto Amalie. She nodded. The boys followed us to the door, even if the lived just above them. "HEY!, You should something tomorrow?" Said a deep but gentle voice. I turned around, it was Louis' who asked. Amalie and I shrugged. "You can just come down" Harry blinked. "See you tomorrow beautiful" Said Zayn and winked at Amalie and I. Amalie and I went up laughs in the apartment. It would have been damn nice, but time was many, so we decided to go to bed.


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