Let us die young or let us live forever ((1D))

Jeanette and Amalie are best friends. They move together to London where they get a big surprise when they notice who their neighbors are. Louis and Harry fall in love with the same girl while Niall having trouble with his emotions. follow love, cheating, and friendship between the girls and boys from one direction.


13. How could you.


I turned around and ran straight into the arms of a boy. He smelled nice .. He hugged me and keep me close to him. I could feel his breath. It was gentle and calm. I cried in his arms. I was sobbing, I could not breathe. I noticed a couple of soft lips in my hair.  

My legs fall together under me. I could feel his strong arms grabbed me just before I hit the ground. I threw myself back into his chest. It was so soothing. "Jeanette" said Louis, I did not answer, I was in the arms of 'him'. "No Louis. I think you've done enough damage?" It was a soft voice but not one of the boys with a British accent. No it was a gentle Irish accent ..  

Niall .. Could it really be true that it was Niall who had given me such a comfortable feeling? I looked up into the cutest blue and innocent eyes. I smiled, grateful when our eyes met. Niall was a true friend. My best friend. After a while we decided to go into the room to the other. I jumped into the arms of Amalie and she comforted me gently. I loved Amalie and I would always do. She was a part of me that would never disappear. We pulled ourselves out of hugged after Zayn came and gave me a warm sympathy hug. His big arms warmed my shivering body. Zayn was like an overprotective brother. He always teased me, harassed me always. He could piss me very much, but I loved him anyway and I knew he loved me. He was altogether just Ma 'Bro'.

  I pulled myself out of hugged him and looked into his brown eyes. "You'll be fine .. it just allowed me to be strong babe." He said softly and stroked my cheek while I nodded gently.   I saw Liam who sat on the couch. I jumped up in his arms. I sat on his thighs with my front against his. I hold him as he had to go. I could feel how the tears squeezed themselves. I cried. Now again. I would not, but I could not stop. Liam had always been there for me. They had all, but Liam was something special. He was almost like a .. a father .. He reminded in so many ways of my father. I could talk to him about everything. I kissed Liam gently on the cheek. "Thanks for everything Liam." I whispered, weeping into his ear. I could his grip was a little tighter, and he hugged me to him.  

"Why Liam '. Why do they do so. Why does HE such for me? I do not understand it, I have rejected Harry to him. I have sat and told Harry that I loved Louis higher than him. I .." I said, weeping. I looked at Liam is not the answer. He looked at something, something that was behind me. He did not seem happy, he was so upset it out .. But not sad in that he was sad, but more like an 'I'm sorry that you heard this' gaze .. I turned around and saw Louis who stood with tears in his eyes. Louis had heard everything I had said to Liam. I could feel it on him. I could feel his guilt, his shame and his grief.

"Jeanette. Sor. '" Said Louis until I cut him, "No Louis! Did you really think that I would take Harry, or was this your way of saying goodbye Was it meant I had to see it! You could just have said that you only used me as comforting teddy bear!" The words flew out of me because I ran out started an ran into Harry. I countries hard on the floor. I rate it was a hard blow, but it was my heart I cried over. "What happens" cried Harry. He looked apologetically at me. He bent down to me. I put my arms around his neck in a hug. He took hold of my body and lifted me into the room again.  

Harry's perspective:

  I sat in the sofa with Jeanette in my arms. I could feel how her tears did my shirt wet. I looked towards the door frame where Louis stood. He had been crying. If not, he still did it. "Hey, what's up" I looked at Niall, who just sat and looked disappointing at Louis. Zayn looked down at his hands and Liam sat and looked at Jeanette as he stroked her cheek. I made eye contact with Amalie. I could tell she was angry. Her eyes were completely bloodshot and watery. "Hey, tell me what happens!" I said again, this time higher ..  

The others looked at me surprisingly. I could see Amalie she was about to explode with anger. "It's just Louis who have been just as stupid as you .." Amalie said .. "No more stupid" she whispered after. I did not grasp what had happened. I was confused.   Elenor and Danielle came out of the guest room. Elenor looked down into the ground. "NO, LOUIS: No, it's not true is it?" .. I said. He looked surprisingly at me, then looked into the ground again. A tear falls from his cheek. "No, Louis: You have not done anything with Elenor?"

I made eye contact with Niall who looked sad and nodded his head. "LOUIS: What the hell are you doing! Are you stupid." I sat Jeanette onto Liam and got up and walked toward Louis. "Relax Harry," said Zayn nervously.   Louis did not even look at me. He could not even look me in the eyes.   "How could you! You had the prettiest girl on earth! She would do anything for you Louis! The love I see in her eyes when she looks at you .. It is unique Louis. It is love Louis. Can you not, see it. the way you could make her happy in that not even I could. "I shouted.

 "How .. Louis. She love you!" I said. "Yeah, like she loved you Harry" Replied Louis. "She chose you instead of me, Louis!, She rejected my kiss because she would not hurt you ..! Louis ... It was you she had sex with, it was you who took her virginity is not fucking me!" I shouted in tears.   The door slammed behind Louis. It was Elenor who had run out the door. Louis looked behind him and was about to run after her. "LOUIS: If you go for Elenor do you not return to Jeanette" said Liam hard.   Jeanette perspective:   I wished fervently that Louis will be.   I finally got eye contact with him for the first time since I bustede him and Elenor. He looked apologetically at me while I looked imploringly at him ..   "I love you Jeanette" said he. My heart galloped away. I just wanted to throw myself into his arms.  

But suddenly I could see a tear sliding down his cheek. "Sorry Jeanette" said Louis as he turned around and ran out the door after Elenor.


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