Let us die young or let us live forever ((1D))

Jeanette and Amalie are best friends. They move together to London where they get a big surprise when they notice who their neighbors are. Louis and Harry fall in love with the same girl while Niall having trouble with his emotions. follow love, cheating, and friendship between the girls and boys from one direction.


14. From that moment on I knew that Jeanette now officially was mine.


Nialls perspective:

There was quiet in the room. There were a secreting silence. The only sound that was in the room was our breaths and a stifled sob from Jeanette. How did I do feel sorry for her. Why all played with her emotions. I did not understand. She had the nicest personality. So sweet, lovely. Yes at all just wonderful. Really do not understand how they could throw such a beautiful girl's feelings on the floor. How could they throw the love she gave them out the window.? She deserved the best. I looked over at Jeanette. She had now put into Liams arms in just over 2 hours. She was so fragile. She was hurt and she was crushed. She loved Louis and Harry.

She loved us all. But most of all .. Louis. She would do anything for Louis also does him such. I could turn him. What the hell he imagined.   It hurt me to see Jeanette such. Every time there came a faint sob from her, cut it in my heart. Why .. why Jeanette. She was my best friend, I loved her. I wish for God's sake do everything to make her happy.   I got Amalie hand and got up to go to Liam who still sat with Jeanette.

  I gently kissed Jeanette in her hair. She looked up at me, then she jumped on my neck in a long hug. I would do anything to protect her. That she knew I could feel.  

Harry's perspective:

  She felt so comfortable with Liam, Niall and Zayn. Yes, and Amalie, for that matter. They could always make her so happy. I was so glad they did something about her that I wish I could. If I were to be deeply serious, I doubt I ever even could make her smile. I loved her. I would do anything for her. I would not have her back. Well of course I wanted it, but I was hoping for a way to Louis and her would get back together. She loved him and I could see he loved her. Of course. I would have Jeanette would be mine, but right now I wanted just that she was happy. Louis could make her happy. Louis gave it to her I gave her. Louis loved her, he told her. It was Louis who was by her side ..

It was Louis who deserved her. It was Louis who had thrown her feelings on the floor. It was Louis who dumped her. It was Louis who was unfaithful to her just as I was. It was Louis who won her heart, but then would not have it. It was not Louis who deserved her! NO! If he could get the tears to slide down her beautiful cheeks. If he could remove the wonderful smile on her lips. If he could just break her heart. No! Then he did not deserve her. They did none of us. She deserved someone like .. someone like Niall.   The way he was holding her. The way he looked at her. That was what she deserved. She deserved someone who was like Niall. She should not have Niall. She should have someone who was like Niall.   I would be as Niall. I will keep her as Niall.  

"Harry .. I'm hungry." Came faintly from Jeanette. I walked slowly towards her and kissed her on the cheek. "There is food on a quarter then beautiful" I whispered in her ear, and look flushed into the kitchen and started making pancakes when I knew it was her favorite court.  

Jeanette perspective:

 Fifteen minutes after Harry came in with a huge plate full of pancakes. "Just what I needed" I yelled and jumped around the neck of Harry. He hold my hips and lifted me up. My legs were on his body and I was like wedged him. "Everything for you Jeanette" Harry whispered into my ear and gently kissed my hair. I smiled at him, while I blushed slightly.   Harry's perspective:   She sent me a huge smile. A grateful smile. From then on, I knew that she had forgiven me. I knew that it required little to win her trust back, but now she was able, at least look me in the eye again.

  "Let us hanging out together tonight" shouted Amalie, smiling. It was the first she had said all day. She had seemed so absent.   "You just tell if I have to get naked" Niall grinned and kissed her on the cheek. "Naill! ... Later." Laughed Amalie. "Like what?" I asked. "hmm. Truth or Dare!" Squealed Amalie and before we had seen us, she had removed the table and sat down on the floor and was ready.

  "I will start," shouted Zayn and jumped down on the floor beside Amalie. Jeanette took my hand and pulled me down on the floor to the other. It gave a buzz in the stomach every time she touched my body. I had missed noticing her hand in mine.   "Truth or Dare ... HARRY!" Did Zayn dramatically. "Truth" "Is it true that you are in love" Said Zayn and looked alternately at Jeanette and me. ".. Well .. Yeah. I probably I am" I said, blushing. "Truht or Dare. Niall" I said, whereupon he replied, "Truth." "hmm. Have you and Amalie had sex" I laughed. The others started laughing when they saw that Amalie sat and blushed. "Well .. It .. Is as much normal." He blushed. "Truth or Dare Jeanette" "Dare." Jeanette smiled and gave me a dirty look. "1) tongue kiss Zayn. 2) tongue kiss Harry, or 3) throw all your clothes" laughed Niall then he got a pat of Amalie, who got us to laugh.   Jeanette perspective:   I wanted to just kiss Zayn, but I could not. He had told me that he had something with one named Perrie, but the boys knew not know anything about it yet. Then the choice was between getting naked or tongue kissing Harry. I could see how Harry was almost praying to me with his eyes. I would not kiss him, he had crushed me. It was Louis' kiss I would have ..

But on the other hand, I would not get naked. No, I would not. I crawled slowly and impudently toward Harry. I could see how it all trembled in his body. As my head was only inches from his I stopped abruptly to get closer to him. Our eyes met. I sent him dirty looks and I could see how it piqued him that I have not kissed him. I could feel how he desperately longs for my lips. I keep my hand on his neck and pulled him slowly but eagerly into a kiss, and after a short time developed into a tongue kiss. I pulled myself out and smiled sweetly at him. Aww. his eyes bright worked like never before.

  the clock had been many and we sat down to watch movies when the door suddenly opened and Louis entered.   "Once, but we also have to go up" I said and got up quickly from Harry's arms. "No, wait .. You can just sleep with me, sweet." Harry said and grabbed my hand. I saw how Louis looked surprising to me. I looked quickly at Amalie who nodded eagerly at me. "So only if you promise me to be with you" I replied boldly and sat with one leg on each side of Harry. I sat with my face up to his and gave him a dirty look while his cautious and uncertain, his hands around me and let his hands gently nuzzle my County.   "Jeanette. Can we talk?" I could recognize the gentle voice, The gentle yet tough voice. It was Louis' "No Louis. We have nothing to talk about." I shouted to him, while I stood up from the couch. "Jeanette, try now just to listen." "No, Louis, I do not want to hear you, I was one piece in your game. You used me. I was just one consolation prize. Is it true?" I shouted now even higher. Louis said nothing. He just stood and looked me in the eyes. He beautiful blue eyes. I loved when I looked into his blue eyes, but they could not explain to him this time. "Louis .. That's fine .. I understand it, I love you, but it is not mutual. It Okay .. Just take Elenor .. That's fine .. But you could have said so, instead of giving me false hopes. you could have said it to me instead of letting me love you, let me give up Harry for your sake. you could have left not play that you loved me when it's not true? "I cried! I was crushed I would not look at him. How could he.

  "Think that I really believed that you loved me .. That I was so stupid to think that you just had one little bit of feelings for me .." I whispered, and fell down crying on the floor. "WHY LOUIS!" I cried. I could not get air. I was empty. I had no feelings left in the body .. I was empty. Louis had left me and he had taken my heart with him.   "Jeanette" said Louis. "NO! LOUIS" said Niall hard and put his arms around me. I could feel how my whole body shook and became cold as the second Louis went out of the room into his room and let the door slam behind him.  

Harry and I had decided to stay up while all the others had gone to bed. "You want something to drink Beautiful?" Harry asked sweetly and stroked my cheek .. "Hmm have Vodka and Cola?" I replied. "Of course .. Getting it right," said Harry shortly after he came in with two glasses filled with Cola and Vodka. Harry and I had something to drink. He made me smile. I was maybe a little bit drunk, but I still knew what I was doing.   Harry and I were telling each other funny stories. I was flat with laughter, it was both of us. "You are so stupid Harry" I said teasingly and laughed. . "When you say it anyway." He replied and started to tickle me. "NO HARRY! ARGH" I shouted and laughed. He sat on top of me so I could not get anywhere. He sat with one leg on each side of my hips and keep my hands above my head. Like the morning .. I looked up into his beautiful green eyes. "I love you Jeanette" whispered Harry while he was still keeping eye contact. I said nothing. I lifted my head just a little bit until our lips met. It quickly developed into a tongue kiss. We rubbed up by each other in a while, when Harry began to unbutton my shirt up. "Not here" I said to Harry and pulled him into his room. It developed quickly and before I knew it was Harry on top of me wearing only boxer shorts. His masculine body against my half-naked body was amazing.

Harry's perspective:

  It was fantastic. I could feel how her breathing became faster and faster and the more intimate it was. I long for her body. I would know that she was mine! I wanted her, it would be Jeanette and Harry. I gently kissed her neck while I gently opened her bra. Before I knew it we both squealed with pleasure. I did not care that I was not the first she did it with. I did not care that she and Louis had also had sex. He was past. From that moment on I knew that Jeanette now officially was mine.   It trembled in my body. It was a wonderful feeling. I had never tried anything like this. Good enough, I had had sex before. Maybe a little too many times .. But I had never had sex with someone like Jeanette. She did something especially in me. "I love you Harry," Come to low from her mouth. I looked into her beautiful blue green eyes. "I love you Jeanette. Like no other." I answered, after which she kissed me gently on the mouth.   "Jeanette .. You take the pill right?" I asked, blushing slightly. "Yes, Harry. Do not worry" she said smiling and then we fall asleep in the arms of another.


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