Let us die young or let us live forever ((1D))

Jeanette and Amalie are best friends. They move together to London where they get a big surprise when they notice who their neighbors are. Louis and Harry fall in love with the same girl while Niall having trouble with his emotions. follow love, cheating, and friendship between the girls and boys from one direction.


15. Busted.


Jeanette perspective:  

I woke up slowly to a warm breath hit me gently on the face. I opened my eyes slowly and saw a smiling face. "Good morning beautiful". Harry said and kissed my forehead. What I did in Harry's bed. What happened yesterday. It took a while before it dawned on me what it was that had happened yesterday .. When the idea of Harry and I had sex, I could feel how I blushed and felt very hot ..

"Thanks for yesterday .. or rather night." Said Harry charming as he could read my thoughts. "You're welcome. It was very nice" I Smiled shy and gave him a gentle kiss on the mouth. He was told that it was not just a one night stand. He should really know that I would be more than friends with him. He returned the kiss. I was not in doubt. Harry really had feelings for what we did last night. I was going to leave me when I discovered that I had no clothes on.

"Harry ..." I said, shy and keep the quilt tightly to my body. "Here!" He said and threw a T-shirt to me. I took it off and went into the kitchen where Niall was sitting. "Good morning" I said and kissed him on the cheek.  

"When .. Who was best?" He asked, raising his eye brows. "What what are you talking about?" I replied nervously. "You know Jeanette .. After me and Amalie you know, had finished I could not fall asleep .. And I must say ... The fact that at one point you sounded like someone who was dying .. Die of pleasure "Did Niall little shy then he smiled. "No! Niall, you will not tell anyone?" I begged him. He shook his head and pulled me into a hug as he whispered into my ear, "You never answered my questions." I slapped him gently on the arm and laughed .. Shortly after Harry came into the kitchen followed by Liam and Zayn .. I gave Liam and Zayn a kiss on the cheek as a good morning. Harry took me into a long hug and then he kissed me on the cheek. . "When! Was it good?" Asked Zayn and gave me a little push. Liam and Niall was flat with laughter. Especially Niall. He also knew what had happened last night. "Zayn!" I said out loud and blushed. My reaction was the boys to laugh even more. "We take this as a yes" shouted Liam flat with laughter. Harry took hold of the hips at me and lifted me up on the kitchen table. He gently stroked my thighs until he quietly put his lips on mine. Since we had kissed in a while we could hear how it was completely quiet in the room. Harry's tongue gently opened my mouth. His tongue gently touched my tongue. I could feel how the boys stood and stared forarvet on us. I pulled myself out slowly and looked into Harry's green eyes. "When .. It must have been really really really good sex"

Zayn laughed and sat down and ate his breakfast. "You can just gang on" Did I say cheeky while the boys looked surprised at me. "THEN YOU HAD SEX" shouted Liam. "Who had sex?" asked Amalie out of time. She came into the kitchen and looked alternately at us, as there was someone who said something. Amalie locked his gaze fixed on me. shit! I looked down at the floor, I would not have eye contact with her so she bustede me. I looked up when I thought that her gaze was away from me but instead I got eye contact with Amalie's beautiful blue eyes. She now looked alternately at Harry and me. "Jeanette!" She shouted hard, but she still could not keep a straight face and began to laugh. "Hey, you're not better themselves Amalie." Did I say cheeky and looked at Niall and Amalie. After a while began Zayn, Liam and Harry laugh. They were full of laughter as it dawned on them that Amalie and Niall had also had sex.  

Louis' perspective:

I could hear how the others stood and laughed in the kitchen. I walked slowly and sleepily out to them. The first thing I saw when I came into the kitchen was Jeanette who sat at the kitchen table with Harry quite close. It cut in the heart .. "Niall, I can talk with you?" I asked, pulling him out in the hallway.   I needed to talk to the others. Not Liam he was increas linked to Jeanette and Harry, it was Zayn too. "Niall .. I had sex with Elenor yesterday. Twice. The first time was just before Jeanette discovered us. It felt so right there. It felt so real, I would rather have Elenor .. But after I had run after Elenor. you know after I had broken Jeanette .. I went home to Elenor and we had sex. It felt just not true. I thought only of Jeanette .. I love her .. I want her back Niall '. " I said.

"No. .. No, Louis Louis .. She has finally been happy with Harry .. You should not ruin it." Said Niall hard. "But .. She loves me more then? .." I asked "Louis .. Yes it is obvious that she loved you most, but believe me .. She knows it will not be the same even provisionally. She knows she does not will have the same confidence in you. "said Niall apologetically. "But Niall .. User not she just Harry to be happy? It's me she wants?" I whispered. "Louis! She had sex with Harry tonight, I've never seen her happier! If you destroy her mood once to Louis! I will never forgive you again!" shouted Niall acidic. "What have they?" Without thinking about me for me into the kitchen where the other stood.   "Have you been in bed with her?" The words came out of me. "Jeanette, you can not see that he is stupid! .. You're both ridiculous" shouted I, "Harry is it so hard to see! She uses you! She does it all just for forgetting me! She uses you to do me jealous. "I shouted I could not feel my own feelings I was furious. "Louis! Even if it was to make you Jealous then it worked.! But it was not, therefore, Louis! She loves me, and I love her! And I will give her what she deserves!" Harry shouted back. "Fuck you is cheap Jeanette" I whispered, but loud enough for all to hear. "Louis, it's enough: You just can not have thought that you are not the only one who has been inside her. You're angry because you lost.   You're angry about it is you who has power over her! But you know what Louis! You must not hurt her anymore! It ended with all your bullshit .. And by the way ... That was good sex .. Really good sex. It was wild and hot. Then hot that she did not even have to fake to an orgasm with me, "shouted Harry and then he walked out the door. What I did not understand what happened. Had she faket everything? Had she just used me in a game I was not good enough. had she used me as a security blanket .. I had used her '. it cut into my heart the idea that I had just used her in the beginning. she loved me really and I fucked it all up.

Harry's point of view;  

I probably went over the line. But it was not okay there. I really loved Jeanette and if she believed in me after I had done my mortal enemies with my best friend to protect her ..

Yes I knew damn well do not know what else I could do .

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