Let us die young or let us live forever ((1D))

Jeanette and Amalie are best friends. They move together to London where they get a big surprise when they notice who their neighbors are. Louis and Harry fall in love with the same girl while Niall having trouble with his emotions. follow love, cheating, and friendship between the girls and boys from one direction.


18. a battle between two best friends.


Jeanette perspective:   Harry, Louis, Zayn, Liam and I were sitting in the living room and watched TV. There was really nothing interesting to watch. Louis, Harry and I had not really talked together since they came home and there has been an awkward silence the whole evening. "I'm bored!" exclaimed Zayn. "Let's do something" shouted Louis, "What?" I mumbled. "Let's go to nightclub" said Louis fresh. I could see how the boys got light in their eyes and was already on their way out the door. "What about Amalie and Niall?" I asked. I knocked gently on their door. There came an murmur from the room of. "We go on night club, Have fun" Did I say that I took my bag and walked out the door with the boys. In the beginning we were all just up in the bar and drank some drinks until Zayn, Louis and Harry decided to go out on the floor and dance. It was good to see that Harry and Louis had become friends again. Once again we thank the alcohol. I smiled to myself, then I looked over at Liam who sat and drank his cola. "Danielle coming?" I asked after I hit Liam gently on the arm. "Yes, she'll be right there." He said, and as he reached to silence came Danielle. I smiled to myself, while I stood and stared at Liam and Danielle kissing. It was so sweet. I had not seen Danielle Since she was gone after Elenor, so it was good to see her again. I stood in my own thoughts, when I suddenly felt a pair of muscular arms around my body. I screamed as his arms pulled me onto the dance floor. I turned and looked into Louis' beautiful blue eyes. "Dance with us beautiful" Did Louis seductively into my ear. Louis and Harry stood on either side of me and danced up to me, while I moved my body sexy and intimate alternately up to Harry and Louis. It became hotter and hotter and more intense.   I could feel Louis' fast breathing right next to my ear. It was extremely exciting, and it made it more sexy, that Harry's hands moved around on my body as he looked flirty, on me.   Harry's perspective:   Jeanette was really sexy. The way she danced. his wet body, and her messy hair.   I made eye contact with Louis, his always smiling eyes looked different. They are not radiated joy they radiated revenge and grief. I had never seen his look that way. I was drunk and I could feel the alcohol pumping around in my blood.   Louis' perspective:   I made eye contact with Harry. He looked jealous but still taunting at me. It had not gone up for Jeanette that all this was a battle for her. A battle of who could turn her most. She saw it as an complete harmless dance. But it was not .. Not at all. It was a battle against two best friends who both wanted the same girl. Jeanette put her hand on Harry's stomach, while I could see how she looked enticing at him. It gave a shock in my body. It was me she was looking enticing at.   Harry's perspective:   Jeanette put her naughty hand on my stomach while she gave me the naughtiest look. It was not to stand for. I looked behind her, where Louis was. He looked lost out. In a way I would taunting him, screaming into his head that he had lost, but on the other hand I would just give him Jeanette, let go of her, just to see his smile again. But since I had that thought I regretted it. Louis took his gentle lips on Jeanette neck. She stretched her neck so he could get to. He kissed gently up and down her throat. It turned her on, it was so clear to see that she really enjoyed it. I could see how Louis' hand touched on her stomach. His hand went down to her thighs, where it was lying. His hand gently stroked her inner thighs, then came an intense moan out of Jeanette's mouth.   Jeanette perspective:   I felt Harry's hand on my cheek. Before I had seen me around. Harry's lips were fused with mine for a long intimate kiss. There we stood, totally devoured each other. I could feel how his tongue slowly pushed my lips apart, so there was room to our tongues could meet. I pulled myself slowly out of the kiss, then I turned around to look for Louis, but he was not there.


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