Victoria's Moon

Elizabeth is the daughter of a rich Victorian gentleman - Violet is her servant. But when one of them makes a wish on Victoria's Moon, their stations in life are swapped over. With Violet being desperately searched for around London and Elizabeth in tow, they find themselves tangled up in a magical adventure. Is there anyway to reverse the magic?


6. Unfinished

As she pulled on an old cotton nightie, Violet stared at the big white circle in the sky. She recalled a tale her mother had told her when she was five, about this full moon.

"Something about good dreams? No, that wasn't it..." she muttered, toying with ideas in her mind. Until at last it came to her. "A wish!" she grinned, snapping her fingers with pleasure. "Whether it will come true is debatable,  but worth a shot," she sighed, clambering up to the small windowsill.

Feeling foolish, Violet whispered the rhyme she had been taught. 

"Victoria's Moon,
In a sky of deep blue,
Just make a wish,
And hope it comes true.

Three deep breaths,
Close your eyes,
And mutter your dreams
Into the skies."

Next, Violet followed her own directions, breathing in twice, then closing her eyes on the third breath. She then began muttering, almost silently:

"Oh Moon, please turn my luck around. Maybe raise my position in life if possible, oh, but don't-"

She was interrupted by a knock on her small door, and a whisper of "Violet? Are you in here?" before the door silently creaked open, revealing the small, elegant image of Elizabeth, her blonde locks tumbling in abundance around her shoulders. 

"Elizabeth? What are you doing here?" Violet asked, her mouth agape.

"I-" she stuttered, searching her head for a lie. " I couldn't sleep."

"You aren't the only one." Violet chuckled. "I haven't had a wink so far. Quite how I'll cope in the morning is different!"

So the girls chatted late into the night (and the early hours of the morning), until Elizabeth bid farewell, drifting back to her bedroom with satisfaction.

But one thought was lingering at the back of Violet's mind.

She hadn't finished her wish.  
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