Victoria's Moon

Elizabeth is the daughter of a rich Victorian gentleman - Violet is her servant. But when one of them makes a wish on Victoria's Moon, their stations in life are swapped over. With Violet being desperately searched for around London and Elizabeth in tow, they find themselves tangled up in a magical adventure. Is there anyway to reverse the magic?


7. The Swap

Elizabeth Lucinda Bennett's eyes snapped open at just the same time Violet Grace Brown opened her own. Elizabeth sighed, still half asleep, and clambered out of bed. She hadn't actually noticed the angry roars emitting from Mrs Dovecott, directly in front of her.

"Elizabeth Brown!" she thundered. "GET OUT OF BED THIS INSTANT, GIRL!"

Elizabeth was confused. Was she still dreaming? Had she heard her correctly? Elizabeth BROWN?

"P-p-pardon?" Elizabeth squeaked, unsure of what was going on. "Did you just call me Elizabeth Brown?"

"YES OF COURSE I DID!" Mrs Dovecott yelled. "That is your name, is it not?"

Elizabeth just moaned in reply. What do you say when you wake in in someone else's room, and someone is calling you by someone else's name? Funnily enough no one had ever told her.

"Well, I want to see you downstairs in the kitchen, changed and ready in FIVE MINUTES!" Mrs Dovecott shouted, giving her copper a final thwack before leaving.

Elizabeth was clueless. She didn't know what on earth was happening, but decided she had little choice but to do as Mrs Dovecott had said, and try to figure out what was happening in the meantime. 

She yanked off an old cotton nightie, pulling on an equally scruffy grey printed dress, white apron and tatty stockings, along with a pair of hard work boots that pinched.

But there was a thought lingering at 
the back of her mind.

If Elizabeth was here is Violet's place, then where in the world was Violet?
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