Victoria's Moon

Elizabeth is the daughter of a rich Victorian gentleman - Violet is her servant. But when one of them makes a wish on Victoria's Moon, their stations in life are swapped over. With Violet being desperately searched for around London and Elizabeth in tow, they find themselves tangled up in a magical adventure. Is there anyway to reverse the magic?


8. Breakfast with "Father"

Violet moaned, rolling her limp body out of bed and hitting the floor with a thud. "Ooph!" she sighed, pulling herself up. Still half-asleep, she reached for her dress, keen to get changed quickly before Mrs Dovecott showed up.She was padding along the carpet to make her bed, when she- hang on, carpet?

Utterly confused, Violet remembered that her room wasn't carpeted. Then again, it wasn't pink either, nor did it contain a large double bed and a wardrobe. 

Then it struck her.

This wasn't her room.

It was Elizabeth's.

Violet was completely muddled now. What had happened here? Had she gone to see Elizabeth last night, then slept in, having become too tired to get up? Had she sleepwalked here?

Even she, however, knew better than to leave the room in her nightclothes. She resolved to find a dress from Elizabeth's grand wardrobe, then go downstairs and work out what was going on. After searching through a mass of pink frills, Violet at last found a decent dress she thought he could bear to put on - A lilac gown, with puff sleeves and darker ribbons laced throughout the design. Satisfied with her choice, Violet found some some drawers and stays, got changed, then dashed to the water closet before heading down the stairs. 

Poking her head around the kitchen door, she was greeted by Bella sitting at the kitchen table. "Miss Bennett, M'am! What are you doing here, pray tell? You shall be breakfasting with your father shortly!" she cried in alarm, rushing over to usher Violet up the stairs.

"Bella, what's going on?" Violet asked in confusion. Miss Bennett?"Where's Elizabeth?"

"That lazy wretch is most likely fast asleep,"Bella muttered before saying: "Anyway to the dining room, Miss!"

Violet did as instructed, and walked to the dining room. There, to her extreme horror, was Mr Charles Bennett, gesturing the chair opposite him. Violet took a seat, gulped, then plucked up the courage to make eye contact. Looking into his blue eyes for the first time, Violet identified a happy, cheerful face in that of Mr Bennett's.

"Good morning, Violet, dear." he chimed, grinning all over his rosy face. "Did you sleep well?"

"Yes, thank you," Violet replied simply, not knowing what else to say. "Father." the last word caught in throat, sounding odd and stiff. She had just realised how uncomfortable Elizabeth's dress was, especially as the stocking were sagging, the soft, innocent-looking silk slipped pinched and rubbed at her feet uncontrollably. 

Just then, there was a knock at the door. A girl walked in. Aged about twelve, her curly blonde hair was straggly, tucked messily into a cap. Her azure eyes were distant, and lacked their usual sparkle. She was carrying two plates of egg and bacon rashers, and quickly set them down on the table.

"Ahh, you must be the new maid here." Mr Bennett smiled. "And may I say this looks splendid! What is your name, child?"

It hurt Elizabeth to say it, but she knew there was only one answer she could give.

"Elizabeth, Sir. Elizabeth...Brown."

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