Victoria's Moon

Elizabeth is the daughter of a rich Victorian gentleman - Violet is her servant. But when one of them makes a wish on Victoria's Moon, their stations in life are swapped over. With Violet being desperately searched for around London and Elizabeth in tow, they find themselves tangled up in a magical adventure. Is there anyway to reverse the magic?


2. An Unlikely Friendship

Violet let the door slowly creak open, hoping not to wake Elizabeth. She crept around to the fireplace, and began to stoke it inexpertly. She then heard a muffled noise behind her, and tried to creep out of the room as quickly as possible - but it was too late. Elizabeth's azure eyes had snapped open and were looking straight at the small girl with black hair standing by the door. Violet prepared herself for the scream she knew was about to emit from Elizabeth after being woken up, but was surprised to instead hear:

"Are you the new maid?"

Violet was stunned. She didn't expect to hear such a thing!

"Yes." she replied meekly. "Yes, I am, Miss. Violet Brown. Terribly sorry for waking you up, Miss."

"Don't be sorry!" came the gentle response. "I'm Elizabeth, though I'm sure you knew that already." Elizabeth giggled gleefully.

Violet looked at Elizabeth. She was beautiful - there was no other way to describe it. Her long curly blonde hair framed her delicate pale face, and her rosy cheeks complemented her sapphire blue eyes perfectly. Violet felt ashamed of her tangled black hair and dull brown eyes.

"Yes Miss. I did, Miss."

"Don't call me that! It makes me feel quite silly and important. You can call me Elizabeth if you like." Elizabeth insisted.

"Okay, Mi- Elizabeth."

"Just as long as Mrs Dovecott doesn't hear!" Elizabeth laughed. "She'll box my ears, and yours too!"

Violet was amazed at how friendly she was being - she had pictured Elizabeth as a spoiled brat, stuck up in her own hoity-toity way. She certainly hadn't anticipated the warm welcome she had just received.

The mention of Mrs Dovecott reminded Violet of her duties so, leaving the room, she said hurriedly: "Sorry Elizabeth, but I must leave you now."

"But why, pray? What's the rush? Violet?"

"It's Mrs Dovecott. She really will box my ears if I'm late!"

And with that she hurried out the door, bursting with happiness at having found a new friend.

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