Victoria's Moon

Elizabeth is the daughter of a rich Victorian gentleman - Violet is her servant. But when one of them makes a wish on Victoria's Moon, their stations in life are swapped over. With Violet being desperately searched for around London and Elizabeth in tow, they find themselves tangled up in a magical adventure. Is there anyway to reverse the magic?


3. A Day of Sorrow

After Violet had left the room, Elizabeth felt too awake to retire to bed again. Instead she clambered out of her sheets, and was about to call her nurse, Miss Wood, in - until she remembered. Miss Wood had left the previous day. Elizabeth's father had decided that twelve was too old to have a nurse looking after you, so he had dismissed her, finding her a new position.

Elizabeth could still remember Miss Wood's pale, kind face, her fine mousy hair, even her smell. A warm, welcoming scent that drew you closer to her.

Elizabeth didn't want to think about Miss Wood. It was too painful. She decided to distract herself by choosing an outfit for the day. She was still getting used to the idea of dressing herself, so it still seemed like a fun idea to pick her own clothes, then have the pleasure of putting them on unaided. She selected her favorite pink dress with the muslin collar and sleeves, complete with matching stockings and shoes. After taming her unruly blonde frizz into submission, she paced downstairs to meet her father at breakfast.

She had gobbled up her bacon and eggs quickly, and asked to be excused early. Her father agreed, and suggested Elizabeth go outside for a breath off fresh air in the garden, and play on her swing; he had "business to do". She did this, but it only upset her further. Her parents had bought her that swing as a tenth birthday present, and Elizabeth loved it dearly. But thinking about her late mother only made her cry harder,  taking Elizabeth right back to the last few moments she'd had with her.

Elizabeth had only been eleven, yet she was forced to watch her mother coughing and wheezing and suffering in a hospital bed, until peace was at last hers when those deep blue eyes had closed for the last time. Elizabeth had cried for weeks over such a loss, and still hadn't escaped her desperate sorrow.

So she spent the day alone, on her swing, crying and sobbing for Lucinda Bennett, without a kind word from anyone.

However, Violet wasn't doing any better. After helping cook breakfast, she stopped for five minutes to eat two small sausages as a meager meal of her own. Then she had dusting to do with Bella, followed by mopping the floors, and cleaning cobwebs out of the most peculiar places.

Both girls were relieved to retire to bed.

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