Loves Frosty Bite

My name is Frost Limestone and i am 15 years old. I have fallen in love once before, its sting penetrating my skin and making me feel cold inside, like a small blizzard had started inside my heart. The experience has left me broken and now when i am almost healed i have fallen captive to love again, its beautiful, warm feeling trapping me. My mind is now beckoning me to leave, leave my beloved and not experience the dreadful pain that attacked me when my ex boyfriend moved. I hoep not to feel that again, but how can i be sure?


3. Love's trap

My heart felt like it had exploded, my eyes trapped in his stare. I couldnt move, my limbs were paralysed, my mouth parted. He stopped and returned my gaze. I felt like i was walking on air, relising that i was starting to walk towards him. Great, i look like a freak soundlessly just walking up to a boy that i have never met before. He didnt seem to move as i approached him though, seeming just as breath taken with me as i was with him! "Hi" I uttered finally stopping infront of him. "Hi" he said smiling slightly. He. Was.Heaven! " Are you new? I have never seen you before" I said letting out a sigh of happiness. "Yeah just started now i guess" He said shyly. "Cool, i guess ill see you around" I said a little sad about walking away, but i didnt want to seem like a weirdo. "Hey wait! Whats your name?" He said grabbing my arm, to stop me from walking away. His touch was so warm and i could feel his pwerful grasp, gentle but firm. "Frost" I whispered, looking into his eyes. "Well Frost would you maybe want to meet after school at starbucks or somewhere, its just i dont know much about this school and you are nice so maybe you could tell me abit about the school and" He said a bit more confident now.


"Yes!, i mean sure that sounds cool, ill meet you at starbucks at 3.40, school ends at 3.30 by the way" I gave him a wink before i left, a huge smile creeping across my face. I didnt even know his name or anything about him, yet i am head over heels in love! He was perfect, piercing blue eyes with chocolae brown hair, big smile holding white teeth that sparkled.

*3.25* :

My heart started to leap again, the time slowly ticking by too slow. I wanted it to be 3.40 now, i wanted to see my crush. Suddenly i realised i was supposed to be with Elisa, Cadie and Layla today after school! I launched into my bag trying to find some paper. I quickly scribbled on a old receipt, writing : Elise Sorry i have to go straight to starbucksafter school to see my aunt Rosa, who works there now, i cant go to the pier, sorry xox. "pssst!, Elisa, pssst" I whispered she turned and smiled at me as i scrunched the note in her hand. Fine no worrys xox she wrote back. I smiled, my friends were so great!


"Hi Frost!, Over here" My cruch waved and i sat down across from him. "Hi there, you ready to order?" a servant with black hair and a nose peircing asked, rather sweetly. " Can i have a cappucino please" asked happily. "Sure and for you sir?". " Same please" He said nodding towards me. I smiled, he had good taste in coffee. " So what do you want to know?" I said, trying to sound seductive so maybe he would get a crush on me. " Whats your favourite music?" He sed smiling as i made a face. "I dont know,i have so many, i think maybe The Killlers or the Black Eyed Peas. Whats yours?" I said relaxng into my chair. "Umm probably..... the Killers and .....Greenday" Yay hes perfect!


Our coffees arrived and all we talked about were our interests, favourite colour, sport, subject, animal, food, drink ETC.

When he had to leave, he took my hand and led me out through the door and onto the street, intwining his fingers in mine. "I really like you, Frost. Maybe we could hangout again tommorrow?" He said, grinning. "Yes i would love that and i like you too alot" "okay well ill call you" He said while holding up the slip of paper wit my number on that i had given him earlier. "Okay Bye" I said. "And by the way my name is Tristen Lockjoy" He said smiling. Tristen.He was sublime! Tristen suddenly leaned in pushing his forhead to mine, his lips gently crushing mine. I couldnt breath, my mind swirling, he was kissing me! and i was kissing him back. My heart fluttered, my eyes closed, enjoying his soft lips on mine, his sweet breath.

Tristen was mine.



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