Loves Frosty Bite

My name is Frost Limestone and i am 15 years old. I have fallen in love once before, its sting penetrating my skin and making me feel cold inside, like a small blizzard had started inside my heart. The experience has left me broken and now when i am almost healed i have fallen captive to love again, its beautiful, warm feeling trapping me. My mind is now beckoning me to leave, leave my beloved and not experience the dreadful pain that attacked me when my ex boyfriend moved. I hoep not to feel that again, but how can i be sure?


2. Healing

I stared at myself in the mirror, acknowledging my glossy black hair that hung perfectly around my face. My blue eyes glisten ed with fresh tears, repeating the same path they took earlier, i watched the tears stream down my nose and drip off my chin and jaw. My high cheek bones complimented my face and hair shape, my overall appearance quite beautiful. My red lips parted, my perfect cupids bow ( The bumps on the top of my top lip) stretching as i smiled, gazing at the picture above my mirror of me and jared, his beautiful face staring down at me. I remember his beautiful tawny hair, slightly wavy and flicked up at the front. His green eyes twinkled in the clear picture. I followed his his long, muscular arm, lovingly wrapped around me, noticing the tiny tattoo on his wrist, a small dragon with its tail wrapped around its body marked over hsi veins. In between the gap of the tail and the body, small words were written, reading; Frost. It had been a year since he moved, 125 emails sent from him, the last saying ; I know i am upsetting you by emailing you, i can see the tears running down your face, your eyes puffy and red. Im going to stop emailing you, its not far on you, i wont cause you anymore pain. I will always have you in my heart, always be wearing you on my wrist , I love you, Jared <3 x.


" Frost, Honey school!" Mum called up from the stairs. " Okay" I whispered not caring that she couldnt hear. My beautiful aqua top squeezed my curves, the emboidered feathers bulked up the front a little, but people were still able to see her tiny waist. My mini skirt flowed to mid way down my thigh, the draped silk elegantly layering over each other. The white converse matched perfectly, the light aqua running  around the 'all star' logo matching the top i wore. I wanted to dress to impress, though my depressed and lonely phase, i am popular and saught after by many boys, but none could compare to Jared. Jared. He always worked his way into my thoughts.


I ran down stairs grabbing my cute white and blue floral bag from the banister. "Bye mum see you at 4:30, layla, Elisa and cadie are walking with me to the pier is that alright?" i yelled in the kitchens direction hearing a sudden scuffling noise. "Sure hon, thats great, im gald your having fun!" Mum yelled slightly enthusiasticly. The door slammed behind me, i cursed to myself as i saw Mrs.Wright, my next door neighbour, lean out of her window and shout " Stop slamming that frickin door all the time!" as i ran away down the road.


As i approached school, my mind wandered back to Jared. I imagined him runnign past me with his friend, John, stopping to kiss me and then sprinting of again. Suddenly a boy walked around the corner, but not just a boy, a gorgeous boy that sent shivers down my spine. I watched him walk, the wind flickoing his shaggy brown hair up.


My heart lept, a emotion that i was familiar with suddenly penetrated my heart. The emotion was :



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