Loves Frosty Bite

My name is Frost Limestone and i am 15 years old. I have fallen in love once before, its sting penetrating my skin and making me feel cold inside, like a small blizzard had started inside my heart. The experience has left me broken and now when i am almost healed i have fallen captive to love again, its beautiful, warm feeling trapping me. My mind is now beckoning me to leave, leave my beloved and not experience the dreadful pain that attacked me when my ex boyfriend moved. I hoep not to feel that again, but how can i be sure?


1. Frosty experiences

Frost bit at my face, my skin flushed a light pink from the cold. My heart thumped and tears streamed down my face, small whimpers escaping  through my gritted teeth. " Why do you have to leave?" i whispered, facing my now ex boyfriend, Jared. " My mom already excepted the job in minnesota, im...sorry" He looked down at the floor, coward. I felt loathing towards him, he was so in love with me and now he just dumps me and leaves, not even able to look at me when he talkes. "I dont understand why you have to dump me though, i mean i know your leaving but you we could work long distance. Please Jared i love you so much and i know you love me, so we can work!" I stared straight at him, trying to make him feel guilty.


"No Frost it wont work! I love you, i really do, but i cant, im sorry" Jared swallowed loudly like he was trying to get rid of a lump in his throat. I felt the tears on my cheeks linger, the watery tears feeling like they were turning to ice. The snow crunched under my feet as i moved towards Jared, hungry for his touch, wishing his gentle arms would wrap around her and embrace her.

Jared kissed my head and squeezed my hand, brushing the hair out of my eyes and wiping the tears of my cheeks with his thumb. " I will always love you, always" he whispered in my ear as if it were a secret only for my ears to hear. I felt a sudden burst of anger, that made my heart ache and cheeks turn red, my hands balling into fists. Suddenly i jumped back and started to punch his shoulder. " If you love me that much, you should be abe to love me from far away! You are a liar!" I screamed and stamped my feet, my eyes a blur with a sudden flood of tears streaming out. " I'm not lieing, please believe me. I will love you from far away i just cant go long distance, its not far to you, i need to let you free, you should be able to go out with someone new and be able to kiss him! With me you cant do that. I love you enough to let you go." He wiped the tears away harshly with the back of his hand and left, disppearing through the trees leaving a light trail of footstep. Frost Whispered to herself:

"So thats it then"

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