Love is the key from pain

This is a story about a girl named Kira and her life and pain and when she meets the friendly boy luke. Can hé change her life or make it even worse. And what Will happen when she opens up her heart and trust someone for the first time in her life after her mothers death?

I hope you will enjoy it and understand other peoples pain...(some of the story is really something that happened in my life)


6. Chapter 5.

I woke up with the sun all over my face, and what? A hand on my hip, it doesn't make sense, I was about to scream when it all came back, now I could remember everything from yesterday, how he helped me, how we talked, and how he saved me. I couldn't help it, I just layed there and smiled like an idiot, and looked at him "what are you looking at?" he said still with closed eyes "you" I said still smiling "why?" he asked and opened he's eyes, and looked at me "because you are kind of my hero" I replied and looked down on my hands. "so I'm you're hero" he said with a playful voice and smiled a tricky smile "just forget it" I said "so you just wanna forget you're hero, fine then I'm just gonna forget the kindest woman I know" he said and I laughed so much that tears flew down my cheeks "really couldn't you find anything better than kind?" I said after I finished laughing "oh shut up remember 'I'm you're hero' " he said with a girly voice and I started laughing again "cant you just forget it?" I asked "okay hey are you hungry" he answered and smiled "a bit" I said and smiled "what about brunch?" he asked "that would be great" I replied and smiled like an idiot  "you have a really beautiful smile" he said "no I don't, I look like a jerk when I smile" I said and looked down, he shouldn't se me blush again. "hey I'm sorry if I said something wrong" he said with a worried voice "it's just you really are beautiful" he whispered "no I'm not" I said a bit to hard and he looked surprised at me "why do you keep saying that, I can't se ANYTHING ugly about you" he said still surprised "well then I guess you are blind, 'cause EVERY thing about me is ugly!" I yelled at him and I could fell that there was tears in my eye corners "why can't you just see how amazing you are and how beautiful you are, yes I have only known you one day, but just by that little part you have shown me, was amazing, and yes you are broken and maybe you'll never heal but I want to be that person that helps you and show you how lovely a person you are, and how beautiful you are, so why can't you just se how beautiful you really are" he said and he's words did something to me, I just collapsed on the floor and started crying, I could fell he's arms around me "you don't know what it's like, going to school where every one hates you, and tells you that you are ugly, fat and a slut, you don't know what it's like to go home from school crying every single day and no one cares, and to have a boy friend that rapes you and beats you half to death, I've been in a hospital 17 times because of him, so sorry I don't fell beautiful and amazing, all I feel is ugly, grosz, worthless and like a toy that people just play with and drop me after they are done" I said and cried in silence and shaked after all those memories "i'm sorry i didn't know, but why doesn't you're parents care?" he asked "my dad works in Ireland and my mom is gone" I said slowly "I'm sorry to hear that" he whispered in my ear and softly kissed my neck, I turned around and looked him in the eyes "please don't" I whispered, I could feel my skin burn, where he's lips had touched, and the butterflies explode in my tummy. "sorry I didn't meant to, it just kind of happened" he said, we moved to the bed, and laid in each others arms, and talked for hours "shut the door, turn the lights off" I could hear my phone ring "hallo" I asked in the phone "bitch where are you?"a angry josh said "that's none off you're business" I said with a cold voice "I'm you're boyfriend, I own you" he said with a playful voice "I'm a human not a pet" I yelled at him and Luke looked surprised at me "no you're not A pet you're MY pet. Met me at the parking lot at 10 pm." he said and hung up before I could say anything "what time is it?" I asked "8 pm" he said and looked at me "why" he asked "I need to go NOW" I said without answering he's question "no you're not going" he said "yes I am and that's how it is" I said and looked at him with a stone face "no you're not and you know that" he said and yes I could feel I've lost "he's gonna kill me" I said with a empty voice and looked out at the window "no he's not, why do you say that?" he asked surprised "that's the truth" I said with the same voice "DON'T SAY THAT" he yelled and cried "why do you cry? I'm nothing" I said surprised no one have ever cried for me except for my mom "you're not nothing to me"
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