Love is the key from pain

This is a story about a girl named Kira and her life and pain and when she meets the friendly boy luke. Can hé change her life or make it even worse. And what Will happen when she opens up her heart and trust someone for the first time in her life after her mothers death?

I hope you will enjoy it and understand other peoples pain...(some of the story is really something that happened in my life)


5. Chapter 4.

We got in to he's flat, and walked in to the living room "so what do you wanna do?" he asked "hmm maybe watch a movie" I replied "okay what about a horror movie?" he asked "can you read minds?" I said and giggled "no but it would be cool if I could" he said and smiled "no it would be super creepy" I said and smiled "witch movie do you wanna se?" he asked "hmm maybe the last destination 3?" I asked "that's okay with me" he said and smiled a creepy smile. 
After the movie was done, we just sat and talked "is it to weird that we meet to day and we are  already friends?" he asked "a bit but I'm glad we meet cause you are kind of my only friend" I replied with a low voice "well then this is you're lucky day" he said and smiled a sweet smile which made me smile "you are blushing " he said and smiled "I know, I can feel it" I said and blushed harder, 'why did I blush?' I asked my self "I'm sorry to ask, but if you're boyfriend is so bad, why don't you just break up with him?" he asked "it's not that easy" I answered "why?" he asked "I just can't " I replied  and looked down "okay, but please tell me what's wrong" he asked "it's a long story" I replied and a tear escaped "well I've got a lot of time" he said and smiled "I'm not sure that I can trust you" I said and looked down, because of shame "hey it's okay, you doesn't know me yet, so just take the time you need" he whispered "okay it started when I was a kid, I've got bullied for as long as I can remember, and not enough with that, they dragged me out from the classroom in the breaks and beated me half to death" I said with a low voice "and that's just the start without details" I said and started to cry "poor you" he said "I don't want you to feel sorry for me, if that's what I wanted I would tell this to a parent or something like that, I want your help!" I yelled at him and he looked down "sorry " he said with a surprised voice "I can't tell you more today, I've been through a lot today " I said "it's okay, just remember that I really really really want to help you with everything, but if I'm being to much then tell me" he said and smiled a bit "thank you" I said and looked him in the eyes, it felt like I could stare in to them for hours, and that's when it hit me, I trusted him or did I? And why the hell did I tell him about my past?, it just flew out of my mouth, I really didn't want to tell him but I doesn't regret it, actually I'm relived, it's like a rock have been removed from my shoulders, just because of those few words, it doesn't make sense or does it, my head is so messed up right now, but I was sure of one thing, I was relieved to finally get someone to talk to that seemed to care, even if he didn't know me, how sweet is that?.
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