Love is the key from pain

This is a story about a girl named Kira and her life and pain and when she meets the friendly boy luke. Can hé change her life or make it even worse. And what Will happen when she opens up her heart and trust someone for the first time in her life after her mothers death?

I hope you will enjoy it and understand other peoples pain...(some of the story is really something that happened in my life)


4. Chapter 3.

"why are you so fucking nice to a girl like me" she asked, I don't know why I just have a feeling about this, "what do you mean, a girl like you maybe I don't know you but I'm sure you are the most amassing person I know and I really want to know that person" I said and smiled at her, she looked me in the eyes and smiled "you always know what to say" she said "I'm just speaking from my heart" I said " I like that heart" she said, when she said that I couldn't stop smiling "are you hungry?" I asked "yes what about you?" she asked "yes" I answered "can I ask you something ?" I asked "yes" she replied "do you wanna go on a date with me?" I asked, I have no idea why I just said that "is it your hart thats speaking again?" she said "yes" I said and blushed "I would love to" she said and smiled the most beautiful smile I've ever seen "then go and get ready I'll just wait here" I said and smiled.
Kira's POV.
I quick ran in to my room, and changed to a tight black dress and some black stilettos, my make up was a eye liner and mascara and a red lipstick, I slowly walked in to the living room, it was so weird we had just meet and he has already asked me on a date, what an weird guy, but I like him no what was I thinking, we just meet I doesn't like him no way, but he's smile turns on the heat inside me and the butterflies "hallo earth to Kira" he said and waved in front of my head "huh what?" I said like an idiot, thats when I realized I was in the living room "sorry I guess I was in my own world" I said with a little smile "that's alright " he said and smiled and gave me the elevator look "wow you look really beautiful" he said with a smile and I blushed "no one have ever told me that" I said and looked down, He took with two fingers my chin and lifted my head so I was forced to look him in the eyes "then i guess they are blind" he said and looked me deep in the eyes, I could stand here forever and look in to his beautiful green eyes, it seemed like two seconds before he walked over to the door, when he walked away I got this strange feeling like I was empty, but why he was just a guy just the most kind and swee... No Kira stop it he is just a guy nothing special  "after you my lady " he said and smiled "thank you sir" I said and grinned.
We where sitting in the restaurant, waiting for the food, when the food came we were talking about everything and nothing "is there any special guy in you're life?" he asked "ehhm yes I have a boyfriend " I said and smiled a little smile, I could se his eyes turned sad but why? "what about you?" I asked and smiled "yes there's a girl I like but she doesn't like me" he said and looked down "then she ain't worth it, don't be sad you will find your princess one day" I said and smiled we where holding hands "if you have a boyfriend, why did you go on a date with me?" he asked " it's a long story" I said and looked down "tell me" he said with a sad voice "I can't " I said, He got up and was about to go "please don't leave" I said and cried a tear "why stay, she ain't worth it" he said with a cold voice, that's when I realized it was me he liked, I was that special one but we just met today it doesn't make sense, but deep inside I know I feel the same way, I just won't admit it "Luke please you promised " I said while tears flew down my cheeks, I got up from the chair and ran over to him "Luke please listen to me I can explain" I begged him "then explain" he said with a sad voice "not here" I said and looked down "where" he said "at my house" I said "what are we waiting for then?" he asked "we have to pay first here are some money" I said and took my wallet "no I'll pay" he said and smiled "thanks" I said and looked him in the eyes "don't cry" he said and removed my mascara.
I opened the door to my house, we walked in to the living room in silence "then tell me" he said with a hard voice and I started crying, I was surprised when he hugged me "what is it that is so bad?" he asked which just made me cry even more "he he he" I tried to tell him what he did to me but my voice broke "scchhh don't worry just tell me when you are done crying" he said, I could hear my phone, and I took it from my bag, I've got a text "hi whore I saw you with a guy guess who is going to be happy when I tell him" stood in the text "what's wrong" he asked, before I could answer he took my phone and read the text "who is 'he'?" he asked "my my my boyfriend " I said I was still in shock "you aren't a whore I don't know why anyone would call you a" he said but I stopped him "he is coming" I said in a frightened voice "don't worry" he said "get me out of here" I yelled and tears started to flew down again "okay take it easy we can take over to my house" he said and smiled "I can't take it easy before I'm safe" I said , we walked out to he's car and drove away "thanks" I said and smiled " no problem but why are you so scared?" he asked "because he beats me and" I said but he cut me off "I understand now" he said and meant he also knew why I acted like that in the restaurant, I smiled at him and he smiled back
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