Love is the key from pain

This is a story about a girl named Kira and her life and pain and when she meets the friendly boy luke. Can hé change her life or make it even worse. And what Will happen when she opens up her heart and trust someone for the first time in her life after her mothers death?

I hope you will enjoy it and understand other peoples pain...(some of the story is really something that happened in my life)


3. Chapter 2.

I sat on the floor and screamed, I would have all the emotions out of my body. and when he heard my scream, he began pounding on the door.I heard the lock open, "shit" he had found the extra key, he should not see me cry. I usually don't cry but this day was just too much. i quick ran out on the bathroom, before he got in i locked the bathroom door, "Kira"he asked "get out of my house" i snapped "no" he said "you don't know me, so don't help me and get the fuck out of my house" i shouted "but i want to know you and you need help!" he said with a low voice "LIAR!" i screamed, i don't know why i just said that, it just flew out of my mouth "why would i lie to you?" he asked with a suprised voice "you're just like any body else" i replied with a cold and hard voice, while a tear trickled down my cheek, "look i know we just met, but there is something special about you, and i really want to know and help you" he quick said "pfff special and yes we just met so why do you care, just get out of my house" i said with tear filled eyes. "just open the door please" he asked "why?" i asked with a low voice "do you trust me?" he asked "NO not at all i can't trust any one" i yelled and i could hear he took a step back " not even you're mom or dad?" he asked with a suprised tone, now i really started to cry " Hey i'm sorry if i said something wrong, but heres my number" he said and sliped a note "please open the door" he said with a sweet and worried voice, he always knew what to say, suddenly everything was just too much, I grabbed a razor blade and cut a deep wounds in the wrist, I screamed and he started  pounding on the door "please please please Kira let me in NOW" he said "n  o" I said but my voice broke "please" he said and you could feel all the pain he felt, and hear that he was crying, he really cryed because I felt pain, maybe I could trust him, none have ever been this nice to me, I opened the door, he quick took my hand and some paper and removed the blood, I just smiled at him "thank you" I said, he just smiled a sweet smile that made the butterflies explode in my tummy, I hate him for making me so weak, but I guess I'm just being human "why?" was the only thing I could say "because you need me so please let me help you" he said and smiled, I just quick smiled back. He helped me up from the floor and in to the couch, where he just held me tight and safe, there was no awkward silence. "how are you?" he asked "what do you mean?" I asked "i mean why are you so sad and angry" he replied "oh it's a long story" I answered and  hide my face in he's shoulder, "just tell me when you want to" he said and hold me closer "thanks" I said "please don't leave me when you get tired off me" I said and cried a little tear "never" he said "Luke?" I asked "yes" he replied 
"why are you so fucking nice to a girl like me?" I asked
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