Love is the key from pain

This is a story about a girl named Kira and her life and pain and when she meets the friendly boy luke. Can hé change her life or make it even worse. And what Will happen when she opens up her heart and trust someone for the first time in her life after her mothers death?

I hope you will enjoy it and understand other peoples pain...(some of the story is really something that happened in my life)


2. Chapter 1.

It was a cold monday morning and I was on my way to school, when a paperball landed in my lap, I opened it and there was written " hey bitch how's  it going with your mommy, say hello from me... Oh wait, you can't cause' she's dead, loser!"
 I could feel tears in my eyelids, when I looked around in the bus to see who threw the ball, I saw three girls laugh while they looked at me.
I was on my way home, it had been a terrible day, when I bumped into a person and fell on my bum.
"hey I'm sorry, are you okay?" the guy asked
"I'm okay " I replied but my voice broke 'shit'
"what's wrong?" he asked
"nothing " I replied with a cold voice, 
He gave me his hand to help me up.
"what's your name?" he asked
"Kira, what's your name?" I asked
"hi Kira I'm Luke" he answered with a smile.
"hi" I Said with a cold tone and walked away, when he grabed my arm
"please don't leave " he said with a worried voice, I looked at him and said "why should I stay?" 
"because..." he answered 
"because of what?" I asked
"I dont know, you just seems like you could use a friend to talk to" he said with a low voice, it looked like he was telling the truth, but I can't trust anyone.
"I gotta go home now" I said with a hard voice and a cold face now I was really pissed off, I quickly walked home and opend the door and slamed it in he's face
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