9 months of need

Chloe and cam had been together for four years. on chloes 16th birthday. they created something that neither of them wanted but chloe didnt have the heart to get rid of it so she gets kiked out of her house will she turn to her boyfriend or will he desert her in her 9 months of need


6. The birth


The birth was the worst thing that I had ever felt the pain was unbearable and my baby daughter couldn't breath so I had to have a c-section to get my daughter out.  It took me three days to recover but I finaly did and then we went home with our daughter we named her cady, she has dark brown hair and big brown eyes. she's so small and sweet and everything that I went through to get my daughter and my boyfriend back was worth it and now we are a proper family.



unfortunatly my dad isn't  talking to me now because I didn't include him in the pregnancy but that dosent matter I have my own little family now and life is perfect.

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