9 months of need

Chloe and cam had been together for four years. on chloes 16th birthday. they created something that neither of them wanted but chloe didnt have the heart to get rid of it so she gets kiked out of her house will she turn to her boyfriend or will he desert her in her 9 months of need


4. I can't do it alone - 2 months pregnant.


AS I got bigger the news started to travel around the school tht I was pregnant obviously being 2 months pregnant I was big enough to notice.

I had been to the hospital and I found out thats my baby is a girl and When I found this out I got even more scared.

I still hadn't told Cam but he had found out but he kept to his promise and he didn't speak to me. but I had realised that I couldn't go through this alone and that was just the pregnancy and I still had the whole growing up thing to handle plus I realised tha Cam would want to know his baby girl.

But I still wanted to try and keep my baby girl away from the guy who broke my heart even though at the time he didn't know tha I was pregnant.


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