9 months of need

Chloe and cam had been together for four years. on chloes 16th birthday. they created something that neither of them wanted but chloe didnt have the heart to get rid of it so she gets kiked out of her house will she turn to her boyfriend or will he desert her in her 9 months of need



My 16th birthday party was perfect my dress was ocean blue and had diamonds all over it so it sparkled as the light caught it. I had a grand stair case that had a red velvet carpet down the middle, I looked and felt like a princess.

However the best bit wasn't the party, the guests or the presents it was seeing my boyfriend cam rowthorn at the bottom of the staircase waiting for me, we had been dating for four years and I was completly in love with him.

I spent all my time with him. I was friends with all his friends and he was friends with all of my friends and my dad approved of him which was amazing because my dad was very, very protective of me.When I was younger he never approved of any of my other boyfriends but he approved of cam I was holding my breath when they met for the first time but it turned out ok and they got on realy well.

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