9 months of need

Chloe and cam had been together for four years. on chloes 16th birthday. they created something that neither of them wanted but chloe didnt have the heart to get rid of it so she gets kiked out of her house will she turn to her boyfriend or will he desert her in her 9 months of need


3. 3 weeks later - the pregnancy test

I told my mum that me and cam had had sex it was the most akward thing that had ever happened to me, she asked me all these questions about protection but the worst thing was that  I had to tell my mum that we adn't used protection. She jumped up and ran to the bathroom she came back with a pregnancy test, she held it out to me and said


"Go to the bathroom you have to take it I want to be sure."

I did what I was told and went to take it I was walking down the corridor I ran into my dad and I wasn't about to tell him that his little girl could possibly be pregnant.


I waited 3 minuets and then looked there was a red cross on it I looked at the back of the box hoping that it wouldnt be what I thought it was but the red cross that looked so unholy did mean what I feared I was pregnant. as I was sitting there I thought to my self that I wasn't going to tell cam even though he was the biological father of the abby inside me, and to me that was a scary thing. 

I must have been sat there for a long time because my mum started to knock on the door I opened it with shakey hands

"Is everything ok?"

"I'm pregnant,"

"should I phone cam and tell him as he's the farther."

"no i'm not telling him he can't tell his parents and imagine what they would say if he became a dad at sixteen." 

"Ok if thats your choice"

"It is and I'm not getting rid of the baby."

"Ok I respect your opinion."

We decided that we wouldnt tell my dad because he would insit that I got rid of it but i'm not getting rid of my baby even though I was scared out of mine.


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