The Underwater Fairground

Angel looks like, talks like, walks like and is like a human. Wrong. Mermaid. Mer. Maid. Simples. They don't have tails, they don't go around singing and they most definitely don't have pet fish with cutesy pie names. The only difference between her and us is the fact that she can stay underwater for days at a time. She's cheeky, mischievious and likes to cause a little havoc...


8. Chapter 5

Harry POV. I ache all over, the tingling pain stretching all over my body as I lie in bed. Beside me lies Angel, watching me closely as I struggle to sit up, "Need some help?" She sits up with ease and climbs off the bed, holding her hand out, "How come you're not a cripple like me?" I pout, taking her hand and feeling the sparks, "You got tagged too!" "Don't know" She shrugs, "If you want a shower, it's in the next room. There's some clothes in there that may fit you and the other two. I've got to go out for a bit so I'll bring back some breakfast" She starts to walk towards her wardrobe, but using the hand that is still in her own, I pull her back and kiss her gently again, feeling her smile. "Don't leave me" I murmur, laughing as she unloops her hand and pecks my lips, backing away to her wardrobe again, before grabbing some clothes and disappearing into the bathroom and locking the door. I stare at her ceiling, and how the plaster swirls whimsically in every direction, kinda like the sea. I want to tell her. I need to tell her. I don't know how. Using her bedside desk as an anchor, I swing my legs over the edge and stagger to my feet, blinking away the nausea as I wander out the door and into the main space. Adam lies on the sofa, his mouth open and his hand hanging off the side and next to the sofa was James, whose head is on Adam's hand and he looks quite comfortable. Angel comes through the door wearing this and my heart jumps, "Are they usually this cool looking?" she skips over to them and fixes Adam's fringe, "They aren't usually this quiet" I try to keep my eyes off her extremely long legs poking out her shorts, but I'm failing miserably, "Like what you see?" Adam's voice breaks my gaze, "Which is which?" she cocks her head to the side, blushing as she noticed I was watching her, "Adam's got amber eyes, James wears a fake lip piercing about 22/7" I smile at her as she walks over and gives me a hug, "Thanks again for getting me out of trouble" she whispers, "Try not to keel over while I'm gone, ey?" she pulls away and winks, "Not promising anything" she pecks my cheek and smiles before walking out the room, coming back in with a glass of water and pouring it over James' head, "What the f..." James cusses, shooting up and headbutting the arm of the sofa, "Stop drooling on my new carpet James" she scolds lightly, waving goodbye as she leaves the house. As soon as she's gone, James gets up off the floor, cracks his neck and shakes his hair slightly, using his hand to shape his fringe.

“I like her” Adam smiles, getting up off the sofa, “She looks like she’s different to the others”

“She must be, she risked her life to save mine” I blush as my heart jumps,

“Aww” Adam smiles, swinging his arm around my shoulders and laughs, “So are you going to tell her?”

“Tell me what?” Angel leans against the doorway and smiles,                                                                  

“That I found out what jellyfish got Harry” Adam jumps in, squeezing my shoulder.

“And me.” She walks over to the sofa and grabs a white hoodie,

“It got you too?” Adam’s face is a picture of alarm,

“Yeah, tingles like hell” she slides the hoodie on and waves goodbye again, leaving Adam in awe,

“She should be dead!” Adam hisses, “You both got tagged by a Nomura’s jelly – they’re nasty!”

“So....” I drop onto the sofa and fold my arms,

“There is a minute chance she might be another one of you...” Adam sits down again and nudges me, “You never know”


Angel POV.


I lift my hood up and pass into the maze of alleyways, listening intently for danger as I walk alone down the stereotypical paths to hell and pain. The sun breaks round the corner as I leave the darkness and wander to the pier, the wooden planks creaking as I approach the candyfloss stall,

“Alright Skater Boy?” I tease, leaning on the counter,

“Hey, someone order a dress” Lewis turns and lifts a Sainsbury’s bag,

“That would be mine” I bite my lip as he passes it over and I give him the money, “So who was the dude who got you outta there?”

“I think his name is Harry” I play it cool but I can feel heat building on the apples of my cheeks, "I think his name is Harry" Lewis mimics my voice in a high falsetto, "Give it up Love, I think we both know you like him" "Is it that obvious?" I let my cheeks go scarlet as Lewis laughs, "Angel, you blushed when I mentioned him" he throws me a bubblegum and pinches my cheek, "I like this guy Lew, he's different" I chew thoughtfully at the gum and stare at the sugar fluffing up in the machine, "George is at the end of the pier, you go meet him and I'll grab some food for you and your friend" Lewis leans and strokes my hand. "Make it a bit more seems his besties will be there too" I touch his knuckle and feel his hand shiver under mine, "On it Princess" he taps my nose and waves goodbye as I walk on by. As the end of the pier gets nearer, I begin to feel thankful that it's warm today, as the water below me looks like ice. Before anyone can see me, I jump the barriers and swing under the pier, landing nimbly on the supporting structures and walking down to where George sits, "It looks like a storm's brewing child" He does not let his gaze leave the sea, but merely taps the rock next to him to tell me to sit down, "Yeah..." I watch as a whale blows on the horizon, "Are you going to tell me what happened last night?" That's when George's eyes land on me, and I can see confusion in his irises, "Boy got tagged by a jelly last night" I sigh, "And the rest of it" he prods my arm, "He should be dead but he's not" "And the rest" George is looking at me with a knowing smile, "He got me out of the plaza, even though his mother is the chick who owns the place" I twist my foot into the seaweed that covers the rock, "And?" I feel a smile tugging at the corner of my lips as he says this, "I'm in love with a human" I lean back and rest my head on the rocks,

George chuckles to himself, "You're not, if I'm right in thinking what I'm thinking" "What are you thinking?" "Am I right in saying that he got tagged by a Nomura's?" he nods when I turn my head towards him, "Well, those nasty fuckers are the only jelly to leave us out of sorts. They regularly kill humans." "Oh" "They leave us feeling a bit tingly, a bit disorientated" He pats my knee, "I take it your friend is still alive" "Yep. Alive and...tingling." I sigh, "Fuck it!" "We don't know if he is or not child. If he is and he knows, he may well tell you. If he doesn't, he'll find out soon enough" George gets up and turns to me, "I believe that you could be a world of good to this boy. But now, Solomon is calling me and I need to kick his ass" A cheeky grin appears on his face and I remember how I always thought he could be the prime example of a perfect husband. He's kind, he talks like an old guy, he cares for everybody, fights like a ninja and he's only in his late twenties. George is the son of our high council's chairperson, and he already has enough bravery to take on Solomon, the 6 11" twat who thought he was my father. He is awesome. "Bye George" I wave as he walks into the water and a wave envelopes him. I stare at the place he disappeared for a few minutes before getting up and climbing onto the structures again, walking until I get to beneath Lewis' stall and rap on the planks above me, "Little help?" I laugh as he opens the door and leans down, "You called?" He pulls me up into his arms and chuckles, "You smell of cookies" "You smell of lynx chocolate" I retort, jumping out his embrace and hopping over the counter, "Come with me?" I pick up the bags and lean on the counter again, "What?" Lewis creases his forehead, "How many people have asked if we are dating?" I tip my head, laughing as the wind catches Lewis' fringe and lifts it, "Quite a few....why?" he absent mindedly holds his fringe down as he talks, "You and the boys would get along really well I think, you all look similar and you all act the same. I like this guy Lew, and I want to make sure there are no misunderstandings in the near future.”

"Then I'll be taking my daily break now and meet your new friends" He jumps the counter and pulls the guard down, locking up and linking arms with me. Lewis - Angel's best friend from when she was 9 - Loves Angel like a sister - 9 hours and 9 minutes older than her - Free diver and skateboarder extraordinaire - His dad owns the candyfloss counter on the pier  

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