The Underwater Fairground

Angel looks like, talks like, walks like and is like a human. Wrong. Mermaid. Mer. Maid. Simples. They don't have tails, they don't go around singing and they most definitely don't have pet fish with cutesy pie names. The only difference between her and us is the fact that she can stay underwater for days at a time. She's cheeky, mischievious and likes to cause a little havoc...


7. Chapter 4

The sea calls to me as I approach it, the waves reaching their fingers out to their limits, relaxing then reaching again. As my feet enter their reach, they stroke them gently, waiting until I remove my shirt before I surrender myself totally. Even though I am in knee-high water, the liquid covers me, welcoming me into its safe embrace as I walk around to the deeper water behind the rocks. I lie back as I close my eyes, feeling myself drift to the bottom, and when the sand touches my back, I lift my eyelids. Around me, the world snaps into tranquil scenes, the water only making my vision clearer. My feet brush lightly against the dark lumps of grainy rock, a few lone fish investigating my toes as I wiggle them, a jellyfish dancing above my face. When I am beneath the waves, it's almost like I'm in a bubble where I can be me, protected from all the icky stuff in the world. I guess you could say that the sea is my rock, the one thing that keeps me strong enough to get through every day and something that I can tell anything to and won't be judged. Usually you have a friend who is your rock. I have a large puddle of water. Yippee for me :) Something brushes my ear as it passes, my hair fanning out even more as the mystery creature nestles into the fronds. I tentatively reach my fingers up and touch sandpaper skin that stretches for miles, turning onto my stomach to see my investigator; a little shark. It must only be two or three feet long but already its colours are showing. I drift my hand slowly to its right fin, running my finger over the rough surface. Sharks don't attack mermaids. Never. They seem to go into a trance when in close proximity with my kind, their barely moving forms relaxed as we touch them. It nuts my arm gently, encouraging me to stroke i's muzzle, and when I do, it swims closer and settles in front of my chest like a kitten would. I automatically bring my arms closer, feeling it nuzzle them. "Aren't you beautiful?" I think to myself as it nuts my chin, "You're an inquisitive little guy aren't you?" It suddenly perks up and gently swims out my arms, nipping my fingers and swimming away, only to come back again. I break the surface and push my hair out of my eyes before ducking under again and looking for him, "You want me to follow you?" I whisper into the liquid, swimming out into the deeper waters before me. I know the risks. I don't care. Right now my only thought is where this little guy is taking me. As we swim in no particular direction, I begin to hear loud voices rushing through the water like bullets; Three distinct male voices. "If your mother finds out what you did, you are fucked beyond belief" One of them says. I gently surface my head out of the water, hiding behind some rocks as I realise I am in that part of town again. "I don't care anymore James, she can do fuck all about it" The second guy replies, gesturing with his hands vaguely, "Wait, so you are finally rebelling against your bitch of a mother" the third guy laughs, "But not because we told you to, but for a girl that you have watched piss off your mother numerous times" "Adam, she didn't just piss mother off, she sent her to hell and back" He laughs, "She's awesome" "So Harry, what did she look like?" Adam raises his eyebrows and grins evilly, "Long dark hair, different coloured eyes, a smile that could melt iron" I swear he's blushing, "James. Pinch me." Adam sighs, flinching as James does so, "What? You told me to" There is a playful glint in James' eye as he shrugs his shoulders, "Is it just me or does Harry sound....soft?" Adam clicks his tongue at the end of 'soft' and Harry sends him a glare that could stop traffic, "Harry Ryan Jefferson!" The boys are interrupted as a loud female voice drowns them out, "Fuck it!" The boys chorus, all jumping down the steps to the sea and launching themselves into the water. I swim backwards slightly so I am out of their view, "Come back here right now!" She yells again as she appears at the top of the steps in a severe white shirt and black pencil skirt and wait for it.....FLUFFY BUNNY SLIPPERS! "See you later Mother!" Harry laughs, starting to swim away leaving his mother seething. I knew something was up. No-one can get into the confiscation vault unless they had a death note, or were on the inside. He betrayed his mum for me. That must mean something. "Harry!" A cry flies across the water like lightning, telling me to duck under and go. As soon as I pass the rocks at the other side of the stairs I see a lifeless body floating upon the ocean and the jellyfish that swam beneath. "Fuck" I surface and swim over to the boys, "What happened?" "We were swimming and then he just went floop" Adam, I think, bites his lip as his eyes scan mine, "There's a jellyfish under him" I tread water and place a hand on his shoulder, "Go back to the steps, swim past them and swim into the cove. Go to the flats above the dunes and let yourself in to Number 16, the key is under the mat. If I come back and the house is trashed, I will personally use your bollocks as earrings" He gives me one last look before him and James swim for the cove, I start to swim to Harry. Ducking under, I brush the jelly away, instantly feeling the painful fizz of poison hitting my system, pushing my panic away as I drag Harry back. Jellyfish don't usually hurt us, but that was a big motherflipper, so my body has rivulets of tingles worming their way around. That's kinda strange. When I get to the steps, I pull him up onto my lap and check for a pulse. It strums steadly under my fingerlips as I brush my lips over his and watch. A mermaid's kiss is like CPR without pressure, just a brush and they usually come to. His eyelids flutter gently before flickering open, the colour emerald by the reflection of sea, "Fuck, I hurt all over" He mumbles, not quite knowing his surroundings, "I can imagine" I chuckle, "Nice to see you again" "You too" He smiles, "Did I get tagged by what I thought I did?" "A big motherflipping jelly, yes" I stroke his fringe out of his eyes, "That feels like 200 volts" "How do you know that?" his eyebrows move towards his hairline, "The mother got me" I smile as he nods "Where are the boys?" He sits up and slides onto the step, "At my flat" I shrug, "You think you can swim?" "Should do, I'm just a bit tingly" he turns, his hair glistening with saltwater, "Why?" "I want to make sure you're okay as you and your friends will be staying at mine tonight so I can help if anything goes fins up" I slip into the deeper water and watch as his eyes follow me, "Really?" Harry closes his eyes as he too paddles out into the water, "That was a big jellyfish, I don't want you to suddenly keel over and flatline" I laugh, getting quieter as he swims closer until we are almost touching. "You have really cool eyes" he blurts, pedalling his legs as he covers his mouth, "Thanks" I look at our feet in the clear water, my shark friend circling under our toes, only lifting my head as Harry tips my chin with his fingers, "I mean it" he whispers, "Your eyes are beautiful and unique" "Harry..." I breathe, "How do you know my name Angel?" His voice is still a whisper, "One of your friends shouted it when you got tagged, that's what brought me here" I hope the sea doesn't amplify the sound of my heart beating a million a minute, "You risked your life to save mine?" He's getting even closer, his breath a wisp on my lips, "I guess" My breath is catching in my throat, "Thanks" He closes the gap between us, touching his lips to mine in a chaste kiss. He breaks it and floats backwards, his hands in mine, "There's something about you, but I just can't put my finger on it." He floats forward again, and we are about a centimetre away from kissing again when a light flashes on and his mother comes out. We duck under sharpish and begin to swim through the water hand in hand until we reach the cove. "That was close" I gasp, laughing, "You seem at home in the water" Harry smiles, rubbing his thumb over my knuckles, unable to hide the fact that he is quaking, "Like you belong there..." "Let's get you home" I stand up and pull him onto the rocks, his hand still entwined in mine sending warmth into my heart. I need to talk to George. I need to talk to him soon.

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