The Underwater Fairground

Angel looks like, talks like, walks like and is like a human. Wrong. Mermaid. Mer. Maid. Simples. They don't have tails, they don't go around singing and they most definitely don't have pet fish with cutesy pie names. The only difference between her and us is the fact that she can stay underwater for days at a time. She's cheeky, mischievious and likes to cause a little havoc...


4. Chapter 2

TRESPASSERS WILL FACE THE CONSEQUENCES Ha :) Incoming girl in a blue dress and trainers. Hopefully they won't recognise me. I'm guessing they will though. I stand and watch as a couple in formal dress pass me, their eyes narrowing as they see me, daring me to step into paradise. "Can I help you madam?" The guy asks, his nose obviously nine feet up, "Only you seem lost" "No sir" I smile sweetly, riding the board slowly to them, "Then may I ask why you are here?" Correction. Nose = 29 feet in the air, "Just coming to get a cute dress" I keep the smile pasted on my face, against the fact that I want to clock him one, "I've seen that the dresses here are superb" "Go down to the other shops little girl, I'm sure you can find something that matches your utter disregard to fashion" His eyes drift slowly down the dress, socks and trainers I am wearing and my patience wanes, "I beg your pardon sir?" I step off my board and let my eyes highlight my disamusement, "It's just I swear you just called me 'Little Girl'. Am I correct in believing this did just occur?" "You did indeed" His eyebrow is raised at my use of vocabulary, "In that case, may I point out that I am 17 and in the public eye, considered an adult. Therefore there is no right behind refering to me in a patronising manner" I make the disamusement cross my face, but the man seems unmoved, "Harvey, let us leave the girl in peace." the lady gives me a soft smile, directing her guy friend away from me and past the line to paradise. There is actually a line; where the beauty begins and the rest of town ends. A solid red brick line. I take a deep breath and prepare for a whole lot of fast skating if they catch me, then I push off and I'm in. In and out of the stalls I go, each and every one of them different to the next. Exotic spices that fly you away to magical lands, scarves and silks that look like they were weaved by faeries and fruit that is too exquisite to be edible. Then there's the dresses. Every colour of the rainbow and more, dusky to neon, sparkly to plain. These are the moments in my life that I realise that land is almost as beautiful as the sea. I slow the board down, stepping off it as I reach a stall. The attendant gives me a strange look before his face breaks into a soft smile. "I won't tell them you're here" he whispers, "I don't think that you will be any trouble" "Thank-you" I smile, gazing at the clothes and accessories before me. Something catches my eye under a dusky pink fluffy dress; black lace. The attendant lifts the obstructing dress, revealing something that made me breath catch. Green flowing lace, contrasting heavily with the black that lines the centre. It was perfect. "How much?" I stroke the lace of the dress, feeling the intricacy (sp?) of the fabric, "£35" The attendant grins, his face breaking slightly when he spots something behind me, "Oi!" a voice errupts, "You shouldn't be here!" "Crabsticks" I throw a panicked look at the attendant as I turn; my assailant (sp?) is making their way through the crowds pretty quickly, "I'll take it to the pier, to the candyfloss stand" The attendant says quickly, "I'll wrap it up. Leave the money there with Gerald" "Thank-you so much!" I squeal as a hand nearly grabs my shoulder. Instinct kicks in as I push off on the board, shooting out of reach of my follower and down the centre of the path. I weave frantically in and out of the punters as they snap and snarl like hyenas, fighting over the best scraps on the stalls. Just as I think I've lost him, he appears to my right, sliding a clothes rail infront of me. Thank God I brought my longer board! I drop to my ass and lie back, one hand holding my hair out of the way, the other holding my dress so it wouldn't get caught in anything as I shot under the rail and stand up again. An arm shoots out and grabs my wrist, pulling me, still on my board, into the clothes, where another hand closes over my mouth. I turn sharply and come face to face with a guy about the same age as me, "Shh" he releases my wrist and places a finger against his lips then gingerly removes his hand from my mouth, his eyes brightening slightly when he knows I won't speak. Deep voices mutter the other side of our hide, "I'll get you out of here without punishment or consequence, but promise me one thing" He takes my hand gently, "Don't let go" "I guess I'll try to trust you" my breath catches as he yanks me out of the rack and we're both moving faster than running. It feels as if we hover above the ground, passing over it like feathers as we fly past. The guy who was chasing me turns purple and yells, realising at the exact moment that I did that we were both on skateboards and we were getting away pretty sharpish. We pass the guy who sold me the dress and he waves slightly, smiling. Then we are across the line; Safe. The boy gets off the skateboard and passes me it, "I believe this is yours" he smiles as my face breaks into confusion, "Where did you get this? I lost it on my last adventure into the forbidden haven" I blink a few times. Now we are out of the clothes rack, I see he has dark brown hair and grey-green eyes that remind me of the kelp outside my underwater home, and my heart is beating a mile a minute - I don't think it's because of the excitement. "I have my ways" he replies, mystery clouding his eyesight, "Why did you help me?" I cock my head to one side, "Everyone who doesn't have a double barrelled name gets their ass kicked for visiting. I didn't think you deserved it - You don't seem like other girls, they'd usually go for the pink dress" I swear I can see a blush creeping along his cheekbones, "Thank-you" I smile, feeling a blush stain my cheeks, "Angel Reef!" A voice booms, "Crabsticks" I mutter, "The guy behind me, does he have a kinda blue-black beard by any chance?" "Yeah....and he looks kinda pissy if you ask me" The boy bites his lip slightly, turning it a dark rose pink as his perfect teeth pass over it, "I know he is" I widen my eyes and take a deep breath, "I'm going to have to go..." "Good luck with...."he hesitates, "er...that" "I'm going to need it" I whisper back. "Thank-you again for getting me out of that earlier" "No problem" he steps away slightly, alerting me to the steadily incoming a-hole. I slide my spare board to him, "Keep it, you'll use it more than I will" I mouth before turning around and facing the music. This is going to be a hell of a sea-storm.

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