The Underwater Fairground

Angel looks like, talks like, walks like and is like a human. Wrong. Mermaid. Mer. Maid. Simples. They don't have tails, they don't go around singing and they most definitely don't have pet fish with cutesy pie names. The only difference between her and us is the fact that she can stay underwater for days at a time. She's cheeky, mischievious and likes to cause a little havoc...


2. Angel x

Heyy(: I'm Angel - As in Angelfish....damn you mother!

I'm 17

I Love Love Love Love Love the ocean! It's just so big and mysterious.

I'm single, although my 'dad' is trying to get me to like this douche bag called Carter. Well he can go feed himself to the fishes x

I recently finished school so am probably going to be bored for a while.

I don't really fit into a category (ie - nerd, emo, scene...erh) <<--- I'm actually kinda glad about that

Imma mermaid :) Yes. You heard me right. Mer. Maid :)

I have one blue eye and one green eye - Gift of the kelpies apparently (Uh...NO!)

My parents were killed by those nasty things in the deep - none of us dare mention their names. I watched it. Watched as they dissolved into a red cloud in the water.....

I have my own flat up over the promenade at the top of the beach I can be a bit of a trouble maker but if addressed by an elder, I can speak like an adult, complete with big-ass words (Except when it's the dick who thinks he's my dad - that's when I backchat)

I love to skateboard, surf, bodyboard and rollerblade

Here's a secret - I'm looking for a relationship out of the realm of merpeople - SHHHHH!


Got to go my little sea urchins xx  

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