The Underwater Fairground

Angel looks like, talks like, walks like and is like a human. Wrong. Mermaid. Mer. Maid. Simples. They don't have tails, they don't go around singing and they most definitely don't have pet fish with cutesy pie names. The only difference between her and us is the fact that she can stay underwater for days at a time. She's cheeky, mischievious and likes to cause a little havoc...


1. Prologue

Have you ever heard the term 'secrets of the depths' before? I have. Loads of times. Schoolmates. Teachers. Fishermen. Most people pass it off as old wives tales but I can tell you now that it holds more secrets than you could ever know. There are things down there that could kill you without a thought to getting their clothes dirty. Yes. I said clothes. There are things down there that will tempt you to within an inch of your life. It’s a dangerous world down there. People have probably already told you that, but not for the reasons that I am addressing. They’re talking about sharks, rip tides, jellyfish, stonefish, and undertow. Sure there are those but I will swear now, there are definitely worse things that could happen. Things that lifeguards and lifeboats can’t save you from. That’s where we come in. We have lots of different names, and have lots of different stories behind us. Most say we tempt people into the depths, where we have our way with them and then drown them. Cod’s wallop! That’s sirens!

Do you know what we are yet? Have you guessed? I think we both know that I’m talking about mermaids. But I also know that we are thinking of two totally different things. You are thinking tails, long flowing waves of hair and pet fish with cutesy pie names. I on the other hand know the real deal. If you passed us in the street, you could pass us off as a nobody. Yep. We can walk down the street people. We are human…ish. We look like humans. We talk like humans. Although extremely frowned upon, we fall in love like humans. The only difference is we sleep on a different type of bed. We don’t have tails, nor do we have a particularly good singing voice. Some of us do, just like humans. We are basically humans. Just with a few twists. (And before I forget, if you throw a bucket of water over us we will not grow tails. Tails are non existent! This is not Aquamarine!)

Every day, we will save at least one life.

Every day, we let the coastguard take our success.

One day, our secret will be exposed...

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