The story of Justin who became a bully for revenge.To revenge the bullies who caused his sister death.


1. My Love

I lay on the rose on her grave and kneel down and cry letting all my emotions and pain out.

Jessica Rose Wilson

Death of Suicide

11th June 1997-11th June 2011

Missed by her loving brother

I shiver as the wind blows ruffling my jacket. Jess Jess why did you leave me. Why did you kill yourself if you wanted to die you could of taken me with you not leaving me behind. Today was the exact day 2 years ago, my beautiful sister committed suicide because she couldn't take the bullying any more. I remember my beautiful sister lovely long brown hair, her brown eyes that could make you forgive her her smile that I only knew she only smiled for me. Only know I know the pain she was caused. Oh Jess my lovely sister why did you go. I hold the letter she left behind it was her suicidal letter her last letter.


If your reading this now I would be dead. Justin you don't know how much pain I have endured name calling and physical bullying. But one day the took it too far they got me drunk with a boy and took photos and black mailed me into sleeping with him. I hate living why should i live. I am so sorry i can't take this any more i don't want to leave you. But i have to i will always love you forever. I took the pain for you but i can't take it no more. Bye Justin


I scream in pain. She left me she was the only person i loved.

I will take revenge i swear I will kill the people who killed you Jess, I promise if its the last thing I do.

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