Someone Special

Cody is new at school and only the first day he gets his eyes open for Jade, Jade with the sparkling eyes just as blue as sapphires. But Jade have a boyfriend named Mark, Mark who doesn't seem to like Cody very well. Only mark know that thats not the way. He can't tell anyone that he really is attracted to Cody. They wouldn't accept him if he told them he's gay. But he've gotta take a chance, maybe Cody like him back...
- A Co-author thing with me (GuardianAngel), BRich and Lia-loves-cookies.


3. Mark- What do I feel for him?

The kiss had felt so real, so passionate. That was evident but he is still here.

'Get away from my girlfriend!' I yell at his face, pretending to be annoyed at him when really I'm annoyed at myself. I can't stare at his face without feeling normal. He has muscles no doubt... I hide my eyes as any eye contact towards him would spell out my true feelings. 

'I just showed him around, it's not like he's any threat to you.' Jade whispers, putting her hand against mine. I love her; she is so pretty, so kind, so amazing. Yet what I feel for this guy who I don't know the name of is so strong but I can't quite get my head around what it is yet.

'I'll- I'll go...' He mumbles, nervously. I nod, preventing eye contact from occurring. Jade smiles at me as she brings her lips closer to mine. They press against each other slowly. I love Jade but what do I feel for this new guy? I have no idea...

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