Someone Special

Cody is new at school and only the first day he gets his eyes open for Jade, Jade with the sparkling eyes just as blue as sapphires. But Jade have a boyfriend named Mark, Mark who doesn't seem to like Cody very well. Only mark know that thats not the way. He can't tell anyone that he really is attracted to Cody. They wouldn't accept him if he told them he's gay. But he've gotta take a chance, maybe Cody like him back...
- A Co-author thing with me (GuardianAngel), BRich and Lia-loves-cookies.


2. Jade- Walking with Cody.

I got called into the office today. Yawn. I wondered what sort of errand she wanted me to run today.

Turns out we had a new kid. I expected him to be a bit of a nerd... but, actually... he's pretty fit! I saw a skateboard in the corner of the office. excellent. Exactly what we need! A stupid idiotic kid thinking he's so cool disrupting all our classes, and I had to tour him round school! Oh, well. Once I got to talk to him he seemed okay. I think his name was Cody- thats quite a cool name!  He kept staring into my eyes though... which was kinda creepy. Hehe. I seem to think he liked me, he looked a bit uncomfortable when Mark came over and hugged and kissed me. Then again, I'd be a bit awkward if someone was snogging their partner in front of me...

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