Someone Special

Cody is new at school and only the first day he gets his eyes open for Jade, Jade with the sparkling eyes just as blue as sapphires. But Jade have a boyfriend named Mark, Mark who doesn't seem to like Cody very well. Only mark know that thats not the way. He can't tell anyone that he really is attracted to Cody. They wouldn't accept him if he told them he's gay. But he've gotta take a chance, maybe Cody like him back...
- A Co-author thing with me (GuardianAngel), BRich and Lia-loves-cookies.


4. Cody - Lunch

I put down my lunch tray next to her. This might have felt a bit better if she weren't sitting next to her douche of a boyfriend. Well, what to do? The principal were standing right behind me when she waved me over.  I couldn't say no. This is for the best anyway, if it weren't for Jade I'd be sitting alone. No one is intrested in the new kid.

Mark's giving me those eyes again. What's wrong with him? It not like I'm stealing his girlfriend first thing. I haven't done anything to show my intrest in her. So why's he this stiffed up on me? No need for yelling when I Haven't Done A Thing.

"I can't wait till tonight!" The brunette girl say. Apparently they're all going on some kind of double date. Jade, Mark, the brunette and her guy. Fift wheel, me? Never.

"You can come too if you want" I stare in disbelief at Jade. Yea right. God I wish we moved to Antartic instead.

"No thank you" My voice a little snobbish. Remember she's just being nice. So I smile at her.

Nobody seem to notice me when they continue their conversation. Good. After a while a bunch of guy show up at our table. Oh, god. Are they..?

"You're coming to the game tommorow right?" One of the guys punch Mark on his shoulder. "You can't miss another one" They're on the football team. Antartic. Who wouldn't wanna go there? I surely would. Where's all the rabbit wholes when you need them? Over there...

A group of skaters... My saviours.

I can barely hear the footballers messing aound me any more. One of the skaters see me, nod at me. Thats my que. I've gotta go. So I do. I leave everyone at the table. They don't even notice. Why would they? I'm not an inch like them.

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