Hidden Truths, Hidden Hearts

The first in the Hidden Truths trilogy.
Maria always knew she was different. From when she was a child she could do things she couldn't explain and had a power she couldn't understand. Then she meets Zac who changes her life forever. Together they embark on a journey that presents dangers, reveals long forgotten truths and brings them together in ways they could never imagine.


6. Reunion

Another two days later and it was time for Maria to go home. The nurse inspected her head as the stitches were removed. "You're going to have a permanent scar unfortunately. Luckily, it looks like it will be small." the nurse observed. Maria smiled but wasn't paying attention. Zac had promised he would see her again but he hadn't returned. Would she ever see him again?

Her uncle came to pick her up. The journey home was silent. Maria still couldn't stop thinking about Zac. She had only seen him once but she missed him. Her heart felt heavy in her chest.
When they got home she was greeted by her aunt and Alex.
"How're you feeling?" her aunt asked hugging her tightly, "Did you need many stitches? Were you unconsicous for long? Did you have concussion?"
Alex just hugged her gently and said, "Glad you're home again."
Alex never made a big fuss of things. He preferred to keep cool and casual. Maria liked him for this reason. They had always been very close. For as long as she could remember they had stuck by each other.

That night, Maria lay awake in bed. She couldn't sleep. She was afraid her nightmare would return. It hadn't returned while she was recovering in hospital but may return now she was home again. The house was eerily silent. Everyone else was asleep.

Suddenly, she heard a slight tapping sound on her window. She sat bolt upright. There it was again. Tap...tap...tap. Feeling confused, she pulled the curtains apart. There were tiny stones on her windowsill. Slowly, she edged the window open and peered out into the dark street.

There were few streetlights so the street was almost pitch black. There was a streetlight just across the road from her house which lit up a small section of the street in a soft, golden light. She squinted as she noticed a figure standing just in front of the house. Her heart did a small somersault.

"What are you doing here? How'd you know where I live?" she murmured in a loud whisper.

"I promised I would see you again. I never break my promises." Zac grinned.

"I thought you weren't coming."

"I wanted to see you again. I have something to show you." he sounded excited.

"OK, I'll be down in a minute."

She quickly got dressed and crept downstairs. Silent as the night itself she left the house.

Zac grinned again. The moonlight making him look like a fallen angel. "Follow me."

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