Hidden Truths, Hidden Hearts

The first in the Hidden Truths trilogy.
Maria always knew she was different. From when she was a child she could do things she couldn't explain and had a power she couldn't understand. Then she meets Zac who changes her life forever. Together they embark on a journey that presents dangers, reveals long forgotten truths and brings them together in ways they could never imagine.


17. Loreanor

The sun cast a blinding light from a clear blue sky. Standing at the base of clear glass like steps leading up to a set of large silver doors. Maria gingerly followed Lilura into a long corridor with another set of double doors at the end. Before they reached it, Lilura pulled a deep crimson robe seemingly out of thin air. Why not? This was clearly a place of magic.

"Put this on." said Lilura handing it to her, "When you enter wait until you are called. Stand in the centre on the circle and do not speak unless you are spoken to. No matter what happens, be honest."

Maria accepted the robe and slipped it on over her now dry clothes. It felt soft and light. Despite the mild air she couldn't help shivering. Lilura gently touched her shoulder, "Don't worry. You'll be alright."

The double doors opened by themselves revealing a large white room. A domed ceiling sat above and the walls were glass windows showing the blue sky and allowing sunlight to provide natural lighting. The room was lined with rows of chairs and benches with a large throne like chair in the centre. On the floor in the centre was a large circular carving if the four dragons with a human silhouette in the middle. The entire image was lined with a ring of flames.

Elethea stood beside Maria at the side while different figures filed into the room. All human in appearance wearing different coloured robes: red, yellow, black and white. The colours of the Four Dragons. Maria looked at them in wonder.

"These are all people like you." explained Elethea, "Their robe colour indicates the dragon they are descended from and therefore bonded with. They come here after they die. The benches are for the majority and the chairs are for the high council. The throne is for the oracle."

"Who?" asked Maria.

Elethea pointed as another figure entered after everyone had taken their seats. He had a kind face and wore a silver robe that seemed to glint many other colours. His eyes sparkled silver and he had long white hair pinned back. He glanced at Maria who immediately looked away. Everyone rose as he took his seat on the white throne. He never took his eyes of Maria.

As everyone resumed their seats the trial began...


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