Hidden Truths, Hidden Hearts

The first in the Hidden Truths trilogy.
Maria always knew she was different. From when she was a child she could do things she couldn't explain and had a power she couldn't understand. Then she meets Zac who changes her life forever. Together they embark on a journey that presents dangers, reveals long forgotten truths and brings them together in ways they could never imagine.


21. First Flight

Soaring, swooping, diving. Maria clung on tight as Harmony shot like an arrow through the sky. Adrenaline surged through her. The wind stung her eyes and whipped her hair. She had never experienced anything like this before.
Lean left!
Harmony turned sharply. Maria lent but a bit too far, clinging on tighter as she felt herself slipping.
Not that much!

Harmony had not looked back yet knew Maria had made a mistake. It was all over too soon. Harmony landed lightly on the sand again then lent forward allowing Maria to slip off.

Not bad for a beginner.
Maria grinned. She could barely breathe. That had been positively exhilarating.

"That...was...incredible." she said breathlessly.

Harmony gave a small snort, Not bad for a beginner.
Maria looked out over the clear blue water. "We could go back."
Harmony glanced up at the sky for a moment. Maria knew there was longing in her heart.
"We could do it. Somehow. We could go back home."
Rebel against them?
She was hooked and Maria knew it.
"Let's go."

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