Hidden Truths, Hidden Hearts

The first in the Hidden Truths trilogy.
Maria always knew she was different. From when she was a child she could do things she couldn't explain and had a power she couldn't understand. Then she meets Zac who changes her life forever. Together they embark on a journey that presents dangers, reveals long forgotten truths and brings them together in ways they could never imagine.


4. A Boy

A white room. Where was she? Lightly touching her head she slowly began to remember. She could feel stiches beneath her fingertips. There would be a permanent scar there. She looked around and noticed a window beside her. The sun was setting outside. How long had she been out for?

A nurse quietly came in.

"Good to see you're awake. How are you feeling?" she asked gently.

Maria was confused, "A little dizzy but otherwise okay. Where am I?"

The nurse smiled, "You're in hospital. You needed stitches. Seems you had a nasty fall."

Maria said nothing. The painful memory was returning to her. She could still hear Rosie whinnying as she fell. She felt a sharp pain in her head as she remembered.

The nurse left the room for a few minutes then returned saying, "You have a visitor. I don't mean to sound unprofessional but he's super cute."

It was probably Alex wanting to see if she was okay.

It wasn't...

This boy looked about sixteen (she was fifteen), he had very lightly tanned skin, deep brown eyes and hair which hung slightly over his left eye in a side fringe. He wore a checked shirt open at the collar and baggy jeans. He seemed familiar. Yes! She had a dream about him not long ago. Was it comng true?

"Hi." his voice was warm and gentle.

"Hi," she replied still in a mild daze, "Are you sure you're in the right ward?"

He grinned sitting in a chair beside her bed, "Yes, Maria, I'm sure."

He knew her name! She hadn't even told him it! This was fate!

"Who are you? How do you know my name?" she had a million questions she wanted to ask.

He grinned again, "I'm Zac. Don't worry. I'm like you. I'm," he frowned as if in deep thought, "...different."

She asked, "Can you explain my nightmare?"

She closed her eyes and smiled as she felt his warm hand stroke her hair.

"I promise I will help you. But not yet. You will see me again soon." she heard him whisper.

"But..." she began but when she opened her eyes, she was alone. Zac was gone.

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