Real Love!

Yeah, people write love stories as perfect love and living happily FOREVER!

From life experience, everyone knows that love is a thing that doesn't always bring people together, it divides them.

In a relationships in a teenage life: There is the two lovers, a jealous ex and a friend that wants it to end immediately.. Here is a story of that: From four peoples points of view..



3. The Dance..

                                                                             ***Jason's PVO***

The day was quite fun, seeing as it was nearly the end of term and the school dance, it wasn't a surprise. The day was watching films, making posters and generally having a laugh, even the evil maths teacher, Miss Donning, let us watch a film. It was perfect until: Alex decided to reveal that I was going to the cinema with him, when I wasn't, I was going with Katie.

Katie stormed over. She looked really, really angry..

''YOU LIED TO ME! You said you were going with me-'' She tried to finish.

''I AM GOING WITH YOU! Alex is a liar, why would I take a lying, jealous scumbag to the cinema when I have a gorgeous, pure-hearted girlfriend?!'' I interupted. Her face turned from anger to confused.

''What? He lied? God, when I find him...'' She said. Katie turned, to see Alex walking off, quickly. Katie followed. Chloe, Katie's friend, stepped in front of him.

''Your going no-where...'' She whispered.

Katie ran up to him and slapped him, blood poured out of his nose and he wiped it then passed out. Dear Lord! Note to self: She has one firm swipe! I thought. I stared in awe until Mr Caterall pushed past me.

''Katie, 40 minute DT after school.. Your missing the dance..'' He yelled, picking Alex up off the floor and calling 999.. As he did, Alex woke up and did the most brave thing I had ever seen him do.

                                                                            ***Alex's PVO***

Today was another bad day, I lied and got knocked out by a girl and then I did something heroic but stupid.

I felt my back lift off the ground, two arms holding me.. Was an angel taking me to heaven? No, it was a teacher calling the Emergancy Services. I heard the beeps from the phone and something about Katie getting a thirty minute DT.. Oh God! She'll miss the dance.. I had to do something, I was feeling guilt badly unconcious, what would I be awake?

I woke myself and fell to the ground and hauled myself to my feet then leant on a table.

''Sir, stop! She doesn't deserve a detention, I was the foolish and stupid one.. To be honest, I wish and knocked myself out! Please, let her go to the dance and give me the DT, I have nothing better to do anyway.. She does, she has a life! She has the most perfect guy in her life; a caring, kind, funny, clever and, this might sound weird, but hes good lucking too.. They need this night to-'' He spoke.

''Stop right there! If you really want to be so stupid, you can have the DT, but I'll shorten it to 30 minutes, as you were so brave..'' Sir announced.

                                                                         ***Katie's PVO***

Well, I was quite messed up in the head.. My enemy turned my friend and it all confused me..

I walked over to Alex and hugged him and thanked him, he turned a tomato colour when I did... Then found Jason and collapsed into his arms..

''Love you..'' I said, closing my eyes.

''Love you too..'' He said, kissing my forehead..

                                                                          ***Jason's PVO*** 

I rushed home to get ready, then I'd pick Katie up: Simple.

I opened my wardrobe and dived in. I picked out a smart red checkered shirt and picked off a black tie from my tie hanger. I lay them on the bed and picked out some dark carrot jeans and sprayed on some Lynx.

Looking suave... He thought, putting wax in  his hair. Ready, he went down stairs, checking his hair in the mirror as he headed down stairs. He went into the living room where his mum sat, watching an antique show.

''You look perfect, darling.. Katie is one lucky girl! Have a good time!'' She said, hugging me.

''Thanks! See you later!'' I said. I left the house and walked to Katie's house.

I knocked on the door and her mum came to the door and she almost took me out with a huge hug, she was a touchy feely kind of woman, but really nice.

''Jason! You look wonderful, I'll go get her, she'll be impressed!'' She flashed me a white smile and shouted Katie down. The first thing I thought:


Her hair was stuck up in a high-up pony tail held together with a .red bobble and a red rose stuck to it. She wore a red pencil skirt that crossed over at her chest. She had a necklace on, a silver heart encrusted with what looked like a ruby. She was beautiful.

''Hey, Jase! You look very handsome!'' Hugging me. I smelt a 'Coco Chanel' number on her, God, she was getting more desirable to kiss her..

''You look.. Gorgeous!'' I said. She smiled and blushed.

''See you mum!'' She shouted. Closing the door.

We walked into the school building and were welcomed in with a champagne glass of Shloer, we held hands and walked into the hall. Slow music play, but it was modern: Things like Adele and them kind of artists.

We swayed in each others arms, talking as the other popular girls laughed and and pointed: Jealous. They'd never be as lucky as us two. I spotted Alex in the corner smiling at us, he was developing a black eye were the impact hit. Katie mouthed:Sorry! And Alex just shook his head as though to say: It was my fault..

We swayed off towards the buffet table and took some food.

''I have something for you..'' She said, reaching for the back of her neck, unclipping her necklace. Then she gathered it in her hand and closed mine around it.

''My grandmother told me to give this necklace to my true love, whenever he came to whisk me away.. So I'm giving it to you..'' She whispered. I took it and stared at the gem, it was real!

''No, its yours! If its from your grandmother, you have to keep-'' I tried to say.

''But it was a presant from her to you really..'' She told me.

''Well thanks.. I have something for you too!'' I said, gathering courage. She looked confused. I took a deep breath and..

I kissed her, and she must of figured it out before hand. Her tongue entwined around mine, I was aroused, I hope I didn't do anything too stupid.. We were too young.. I should break it up! I thought. And I pulled away, she smiled: She raised her hand and put it behind my head and I put mine on her cheek, moved away some hair and she went in for the dive.. It was like heaven: The girl of my dreams, the most perfect moment of my life and I was kissing her..

I heard murmurs through the hall and we realised we were in a public place and pulled away, and turned to see a hall full of surprised faces..

''Ummmm.. Awk- wurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd.'' Katie laughed.

''Get over it! We. Are. In. Love. And we will be forever! Just watch us..''

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