Real Love!

Yeah, people write love stories as perfect love and living happily FOREVER!

From life experience, everyone knows that love is a thing that doesn't always bring people together, it divides them.

In a relationships in a teenage life: There is the two lovers, a jealous ex and a friend that wants it to end immediately.. Here is a story of that: From four peoples points of view..



5. Match-Maker

                                                                          ***Jade's POV***

I'm still on my own, but I have my eye on one of Jason's friends, Alex Dawson. Considered a geek but I'm over all that, I'm sick of being on my own when everyone else is in a couple. I'm going to get Alex, him being a ''lone wolf'' appears attractive, him being self reliable, a strong character. How sexy... But how to approach him..

                                                                         ***Chloe's POV***

I fell for the jock, a dumb jock. All he did was hurt and abuse me.. All he wanted was sex, not love, and he always got what he wanted. Every single day, I had to cope with a sex-hungry dumbass. I didn't want to leave him in case he hurt me more. I have already had enough pain. I'd have to put up with him.

On the other hand, I want to bring Alex and Jade together, she'd been chatting none stop over him, true love. Not sex or oral or constant bruises, love, wanted love. I would bring them together and leave Josh, if I had the courage or the resistance to his punches. For now, I'd have to give him wanted, my body, my sore, bruised over used body..

I stripped off and opened my legs, as he approached he licked his lips and grinned, then he lay on me, in and out for an hour. The he turned round and slipped it into my mouth, I sucked, I was tempted to bite and leave the room, call the police. It was practically rape. But I carried on, and he then licked his way up my leg, into my pelvic area and probed my vagina. Like he did, every single day.. 

                                                                   ***Katie's POV***

Last night was good. So good. Perfect.

When I woke I turned and hugged Jason's body that must have watched me doze off after last night. I kissed his forehead and edged forward to his naked body. He felt warm from head to toe. His handsome face perfect as the rays of sun flooded over his face, giving him a bright glow. His eyes flicked open and he hugged me back. We kissed then put our foreheads together.

''Morning Sexy..'' He whispered, it was seductive.

''Mornin'..'' I whispered back. His hand stroked my lower back, and I replied with me stroking his upper leg.

''We can do this again later..'' He said, his voice quiet but convincing. As he said it, I almost leapt up with joy but I with held my lust. 

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