Real Love!

Yeah, people write love stories as perfect love and living happily FOREVER!

From life experience, everyone knows that love is a thing that doesn't always bring people together, it divides them.

In a relationships in a teenage life: There is the two lovers, a jealous ex and a friend that wants it to end immediately.. Here is a story of that: From four peoples points of view..



2. Keeping Cool..

The next few days were just hand holding, talking and staring at the stars until we were tired and then walked home together.

''See you tomorrow, babe!'' She said. Flicking back her lucious hair.. She looked good like that, her dark jeans, similar to mine almost blended in with the shadows. Her pure white Jessie J t-shirt(another love of mine!) stood out.

''See ya, beatiful!'' I said, she giggled and I walked to mine. I checked my phone.. I had a text, from Alex. I whispered it to myself in my room:

Hey! Fancy the cinemas on Sunday? Let me know ASAP. 

Damn! I promised Katie I'd take her on sunday. I replied:

Hiya! I was already going to go with Katie but we'll come with you if you'd like..?

No answer. I decided to get ready for bed and go to sleep.. I didn't want to look like Frankenstein at the school dance!


                                                                               ***Jade's PVO***

Katie was with that little geek ALL the time! It's like we had all died and they were the last on earth.. It was the dance tomorrow and they'd be there, a happy couple. Chloe was happy for them, she would, she's going out with the class jock.. Should I say: Class jerk! He fooled her around all the time, dumping her and breaking her heart then getting back together. They both deserved better than that.. But they, apparently, were happy. Katie and Jason did, for real but they didn't move fast, no kiss yet or anything.. I'd be in there already! I felt like screaming at them and tearing them apart, last heart string by the other. If I didn't have a boyfriend, she or Chloe aren't having one either!


                                                                               ***Alex's PVO***

He was already going to the cinemas. With his perfect little girlfriend. I still think I should seperate them. Bring Jason back to me, to have a friend again.. It wasn't going to happen!

Once again, I'd be lonely at a school dance! Scowling at the happy couples, wishing I was one of them. Nope, I'm on my own. I just went to sleep and dreamt of splitting them up, how cheerful!

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