Real Love!

Yeah, people write love stories as perfect love and living happily FOREVER!

From life experience, everyone knows that love is a thing that doesn't always bring people together, it divides them.

In a relationships in a teenage life: There is the two lovers, a jealous ex and a friend that wants it to end immediately.. Here is a story of that: From four peoples points of view..



4. Congratulations..

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 5 Years Later>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

                                                                                ***Katie's POV***

I held hands with Jason, years after that first dance, Grandma's locket was doing well! We headed into the school, waiting for our results. I took science, English, Maths, Art, Textiles, Spanish and Geography, I had to get an A in all of them except maths, were I had to get a B, at least. There hands split and wished each other good luck.

Mrs Davrid, the Art teacher who I adored, beckoned me and handed me my results, I slipped open the envelope and read:


English: A*(99%)

Maths: B*(85%)

Science: A(95%)

Art: A*(99%


Spanish: A

I gulped, about to scream and fall to her knees. She saw Jason come over, a smile on his face, he'd obviously done well, too!

Geography: A(95%)

She screamed and her knees finally gave in and she started to laugh, Jason looked confused.

''Are you okay, babes?'' He questioned. Giggling a little. 

''I'm great, NO! I'm excellent!'' I laughed, jumping up and hugging him, spinning around with him in my arms.

We talked about our results, he did great too.. A great day!

                                                                                    ***Jason's POV***

Later on, I bought some flowers and went to Katie's house.. Hmmmm, no one else in... I rang the bell and waited, she came to the door.

She kissed me and I said:

''I've got something for you, beautiful!'' Then I gave her the flowers and she smiled and grabbed my hand, on the way to her room we got a vase and put the flowers in, then she dragged me up. We stepped through the door into her pink room with her artwork on the walls, fabulous.

She kissed me again, but held it this time, I put me hand through her hair and one hand on her hip. Her hand slipped to her jeans and she puled them down. The kiss broke and we undressed, eager for what was to come. Completely nude I started to kiss her and she fell onto the bed and groaned and started to move down her body and she moaned again.

''Now, I'm ready..'' She said in a whisper, I came prepared: I slipped on a condom and started to pulsate in and out of her.

''Oh yes! More! MORE!'' She yelled. I enjoyed this, my groin had ached for this day. It was good. The evening passed, a loss of virginity and a 4 hour run. Oh Yes.. This was good....

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