Real Love!

Yeah, people write love stories as perfect love and living happily FOREVER!

From life experience, everyone knows that love is a thing that doesn't always bring people together, it divides them.

In a relationships in a teenage life: There is the two lovers, a jealous ex and a friend that wants it to end immediately.. Here is a story of that: From four peoples points of view..



1. The Union of Love..

Whispers shot across tables, people gasped and Katie went red with embarrassment. Oh, God. This was a bad idea.. I thought, I'd never been in love! Jason Edge, unpopular and stood in the middle of a class room asking one of the most popular girls out.

''Ummmmmmm.. Do you want to go with me?'' I blurted quickly, expecting a slap and an eruption of laughter any second. She touched my forearm.

''Of course, I thought you'd never ask!'' She laughed. A cold sweat wafted over me. Thank god!! I thought. My best friend, Alex, scowled in the corner. He said that Katie would take over my life and I wouldn't talk to him any more. I smiled at him, he gave a sarcastic and unenthusiatic smile back. Her popular friends grabbed her and congratulated her, saying words of encouragement then they all turned round leading her off. They mouthed: Look after her or your dead.. Then showed him them bright white smiles. The teacher entered when I sat down and carried on the lesson, no one listened, just whispered and sent notes across the classroom. The bell went and we collected our stuff and left for break. I said I wouldn't be joining my mates and met Katie on the corner. Her black hair blew into her face and she blew it out of the way.

''C'mon, lets get to know each other!'' She whispered we wandered around the school complex and chatted and laughed about when we were younger in Primary and so on. She made the first move. Her hand slipped into mine and I felt immediately warmed inside. It was perfect so far.


                                                                                                ***Alex's PVO***

It was a horrible day. My best friend betrayed me and left me alone with a group of geeky loners, I'd soon become one. I had to stop this relationship before I was turned into a lone wolf wandering aimlessly round the school. I was nothing without him. Now he had the love of his life to treat like a princess, I was now a mere grease spot on a far away land. She was perfect, beautiful, popular and extremely kind! What was I? Ugly, geeky and a weedy nobody.


I need to stop them loving each other...

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