Two Lives, Two Friends

Two lives, two friends. Two girls have been best friends since who knows how long. As they go through to high school hormones start to take over and ruin odd parts of their friendship. But deep inside both of them, they know not even the most powerful source can rip them apart...


2. The beginning

Most people don't really remember the day they met their best friend. They sometimes just take it for granted. Not Willow and Eliza. They remember the exact day they met each other. They bacame besties through their mums, when they were about 5. Now, nearly 7 years later, there friendship is still going strong.... well... most of the time.

It was the 18th of June, 2012. Each of the best friends were coming home from school, eager to sign on to skype. "Haii," Was Eliza's greeting.  "Hey Eliza, how r u?"

"Good thanks, hbu?" Willow replied straight away.

"Im good, Hey, I was just thinking 'bout when we first met. We were trouble some back then weren't we! Always fighting..."

"Ahh yeah, the good  ol' days."  Yes its true, they used to be into fights all the time bout silly little things, now they dont fight as often but there is always a regular one. "Remember when I was mean and you stormed off to your mum!" They both started giggling. There's always a laugh in there somewhere. 

"Hehe..." Willows word wasn't laughing, even though thats what she said. Eliza knew what was up (thats what best friends are for!) "School?" Willow typed three eclipses...



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