Two Lives, Two Friends

Two lives, two friends. Two girls have been best friends since who knows how long. As they go through to high school hormones start to take over and ruin odd parts of their friendship. But deep inside both of them, they know not even the most powerful source can rip them apart...


4. Seriously.?

"Hey hey hey! Eliza calm down. Ill talk about revenge later. Anyway how was your day?" Willows tone went up with curiosity. Eliza never shared her day, but today she did. "Eh, same as normal." Willow knew something was up, something about Eliza's tone seemed fake. "Hun, please. No one would fall for that. Tell me please." 

So she took a deep breathe and started talking. "Well, ok. As long as you dun freak. First of all, I walked into school like a normal day and went up to form so on. But then Tesh came up and started congratulating me for winning the writing contest. I started blushing red but she wasnt finished. She then invited me for lunch with the populars. I was a bit confused but never got to answer as she rushed off. The rest of the day was confusing as well. It was as if I was popular. Lunch was the worst though. Turn out it was a prank and the populars threw their rubbish on me and dunked me in the bin. I rushed to inclusion but it was closed. I was all alone..."

Willow typed: "O-m-g." 

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