Two Lives, Two Friends

Two lives, two friends. Two girls have been best friends since who knows how long. As they go through to high school hormones start to take over and ruin odd parts of their friendship. But deep inside both of them, they know not even the most powerful source can rip them apart...


3. Another day in hell...

They both paused for a moment, then Eliza typed: 'Come on Willow, you know you can tell me anything, what's wrong?'

'Well it's just that ...I erm....' Willow stammered

'Come on bezzie' Eliza reassured her. Willow said nothing for a few minutes, then..

'Well, it was this morning when it really happened. I was walking to my favourite classroom at school, where I always read my book or draw in quiet. I was there for ages. It was bliss. Once the bell went i packed up my things and headed to form. I wasn't looking where I was going and accidently bumped into Krista and her gang (Katz). Basically, the Katz are the bullies of year 7. Krista turned to me and gave me a intimidating stare. I backed away, but she pinned me up against the wall. I tried so hard not to cry, but one tear must have trickled down my face because she started laughing and calling me a baby.

"Before I could even think, a whole crowd of people circuled us as our little disagreement turned into a full on fight. Krista started jeering at me and saying horrible things about my family. It felt like i was being punched in the heart thousands of times. Then she said something that became the limit. it felt like a drill to the heart. I felt the anger building up inside me. I took aim, and puched Krista round the face until she fell to the floor. Everyone gathered around me. My face felt bright red as I began sweating. My heart pounding really fast. I ran. I ran as fast as I could, out of school, through the forest until I was out of sight of everyone and anything. Tears ran down my cheeks and I sat there in the forest. Lonely and angry."

Eliza typed three eclipses and stopped. Her life wasn't perfect, and knew Willows wasn't either but this. Her hands transformed into fists and steam literally came out of her ears and eyes. Her fingers kept clenching as she typed. "Where.Is.She!"

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