Our love

My short story for the being in love with a celebrity competition.
I'm very very late with this but fuck it, I'm trying anyway xD

So this story is mostly in flashbacks and is about lost love and the need to be young again. Enjoy! (:


1. Our love

What is love? Is it something big and beautiful or is it just an everyday thing? To me love is a beautiful thing. You won’t fall in love more than a few times, You will find “the one”. I did. I fell in love when I was 16. And I still love him. He was my best friend, he didn’t know back then. And now? Now He’s a big rock star, singing in a band. And I still can’t tell him.


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I'm seriously obsessed with the Australian accent. I can't stop doing it!!!


I was laughing hard by myself. I knew Pierre had a thing for accents. This was so funny. And just like him. I missed him. So bad. He was my best friend. And I knew that I could just write to him, but it felt awkward. Like the day I was going to tell him. It was the day he left.

Pierre came bouncing around. I laughed at his goofiness. But quickly became serious. This was it. I had to tell him. Tell him that I loved him. He smiled at me, he didn’t see that I was about to say something before he shouted: “I’m going to Los Angeles!” I couldn’t say a thing. He was leaving? So I just smiled and said “Great!” He hugged me. The last one I got before the car pulled up. My heart was broken. I didn’t see him leave.

I looked at his name once again. The need to reply to him was too big. And it had been years since. So I wrote “Sorry to break it to you Pierre, but you are no good! ;)” My heart was beating too fast. It felt like I was going to have a heart attack. And Pierre didn’t make it better “OH MY GOD! Julia?! How is my favorite girl?”

He missed me?



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