Holiday love lust

Love can be painful and pure, cold and beautiful. Before now Georgia never thought she would fall in love, but all this changes when she goes to America...and meets Mark.


4. Saying the final goodbye...

I reached the top of the ladders not knowing what would happen next. To my surprise Mark came right up the creaky ladders behind me and flicked a switch above my head. "Welcome to tree house top..." I gasped. I have never seen something so beautiful in all my life. Fairy lights all over the leaves and twigs. Beanbags, a fridge what more could you want? It was perfect. I grabbed hold of the planks of wood beside me and pugged myself onto the platform of the treehouse, Mark followed after me. I looked around and then sat on one of the three beanbags. They felt brand new, or maybe people just never used them...Mark went towards the fridge. My life felt like I was willing to give my life up for him, I liked this feeling. He pulled a woodern picknick basket our of the mini fridge and sat on the bean bag next to me.
"I could not eat another thing!" I grumbled p, feeling like my stomach was going to explode...
"Good!" he let out a small smirk. Mark leaned in towards me so slowly I could of probably ran the london marathon in that time. I felt his warm breath on my skin I close my eyes. His lips press onto mine. I had never really been that serious before Mark, but his soft blonde hair and deep blue eyes made me realise how lucky I am. "I wish we could pull a Romeo and Juliet!" I said knowing I sounded stupid.
"What? Kill our selfs?" We both laugh an awkward laugh. I wanted to get up and just walk out so the pain was less when I went back home. I might not miss him as much. I can't see it happening though. I was in love with him. How can I change that? Mark pushed him self up of the bean bag and walked into the middle of the tree house. He help out his had towards me and pushed me up. My dress blowed towards him as I moved closer. "I know life will be hard. I won't pretend I will be ok when you go. You are the most important thing in my life. Your an angle. No one on earth will ever be good enough for you. I'm far from your superior I don't even know why you like me. But there is only one way I can prove to you I will never go and move on. I will always be here waiting for you to come back." He stops talking. All so soon he stops. Tears begin to trickle down my face I try me best to suck them back up but, it was impossible. He wipes my tears away with his hand. And goes down on one knee. When I was little i used to play marriage games with my friend Jessica. How I would always try and get my way at being the bride and how everything had to be my way. Well I never thought I would have to actually do that. "Georgia Mason?"
"Yes?" I whimpered and sobbed out a reply.
"Will you do me the tremendous honour of becoming my beautiful bride?" His face looked like it was only holding up by a paper clip. I don't think about anyone else apart from me.
"Yes!" Mark jumps up an grabs me in his arms. I feel him cry. I have never been more happy in all my life.
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