Holiday love lust

Love can be painful and pure, cold and beautiful. Before now Georgia never thought she would fall in love, but all this changes when she goes to America...and meets Mark.


2. My supportive family

My mum decided to welcome me back to the house with another one of her 'discussions'. I zoned out on her latest attemp to try and convince me that this was not the right time in my life to have a serious long distance relationship. "I mean really Georgia. You won't see him again so get your head out the clouds..." this sentence must of been repeated at least six times in the first four minutes of the the discussion. The truth was I was beginning to worry that she could be right I mean the relationships that I'd had in the past didn't go so great and the guys lived in the same town. How on earth was I going to manage one with a guy who didn't even live in the same country? Nevertheless, I continued to ignore her plead. "Your not being very supportive you know" I added hoping it might shut her up for a few seconds
"Look I'm sorry, but I just don't want you wasting your life!"
"I won't waste my life! I'll go back to Engaland do my exams, get a lone for a flat and go and live in America! It will be perfect!"
"Your so naive, much like grandma. That will never ever happen, you will meet someone new when you go to university."
"I have told you I'm not going!"
"We will see about that..." I grabbed some water from the fridge slammed the fridge door shut and ran up to the spare room. It really did hit me how much I would miss him. I herd a buzzing sound coming from my bag which was hanging on the wardrobe. I hate that wardrobe. Last time I was hear I opened it to get some clothes out and there was a massive spider in it since then I don't like to put anything in it. I got of the bed and walk across the creaking floor, I got to my bag. I opened it up and got my phone out it read "1 new message" I froze. I opened it. "from...Mark."
A massive part of me wanted to open it and see what it says. But an even bigger part of me waged to grab my phone a throw it out the window and never talk or speak to him again. Looking back to when I first got here, I just thought it would be like all the other times I came here on holiday to see my auntie and uncle and there five children. But no. It has been one of the greatest holidays of my life...thanks to Mark. I then remember what granny told me..."love will concer all!" After remembering this I opened up the text.
"Hi, I just wanted to say have a save flight back home:( I don't know how I will cope, not seeing your face everyday. Everyday I will die, slowly and painfully. I love you more than words can say...I want to see you one last time...wake up at 4 in the morning. And meet me at the beach. I love you!!xxxxxxxxxxxxx Mark." Times like this all I want Is a hug from Laura, she made everything better and made even the darkest situations bright again. But even the bestest things in the world have to be taken. When she died it knocked me down so much I did not think I will never get up again, I am still down. Even though it was two years ago. My mum seems to have forgotten, forgotten all the times. Like when mum would come in screaming at us to give back her cheese, saying its not in the fridge and how much money it was. And then Laura would calmly point out..."mum it's in your hand..." memorise like this I will always treasure...But my dad. He sunk lower than me. Lower than anyone had ever sunk. Laura had always been a daddy's girl. I on the other hand had to keep my fair away distance from both of them. We always seem to fight, even now, after all we have been through. Mum still thinks what ever she says goes and dad thinks that he can plan my life the way he wants it to be. As I stood there weak and vulnerable I thought what if he says "I am going to come back with you... " That will never happen.
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