Holiday love lust

Love can be painful and pure, cold and beautiful. Before now Georgia never thought she would fall in love, but all this changes when she goes to America...and meets Mark.


5. Facing reality

Mark pulls a box out of his trouser pocket. It was a small green box, it looked expensive. I felt a push from my hand for me to grab the box and look inside it quickly but I fight back the urge to do so. I sweep the remainder of tears of my face trying to pull myself together . Mark opened the box and place the ring on my finger. I look more closely at it, it was silver with six small rubys going around the edge with a bigger stone in the middle which I'm guessing was some type of diamond. I held my hand up into the light and saw it twinkle and shine with my every movement. It was beautiful. "Do you like it?" he replies with a big grin on his beautiful face.
"Pfft no I hate it!" I joked. He laughed and then pulled me close, his eyes where deep with colour a mixture of brown and black I can't help but look into them. "You have amazing eyes! I have never noticed it before!" He smiled.
"You have an amazing everything!" I started to blush like an idiot. "When do you have to back to the house?"
"Soon..." I replied. He didn't smile.
"Oh...I don't think I can cope without you."
"We have to try..."
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