Holiday love lust

Love can be painful and pure, cold and beautiful. Before now Georgia never thought she would fall in love, but all this changes when she goes to America...and meets Mark.


1. Never again...

There was a sweet smell of honey coming from his breath. All I wanted was to stay with him even if it was just for one more night. He made me feel like I was the most important thing to him and nothing or no one could change his mind. Maybe I could ask mum she might let me stay for a few more weeks. But no. Exams start next week. My chance to have a good and happy life in London working as a lawyer. I thought that the life that was planned out for me was a good one until I met Mark. I will never, ever want that life again...never again...
One thing I don't understand is, why now? Why did I have to meet him at one of the most important stages in my intire life? It's just my luck. Mark decided tonight would not be our last night. He told me he would wait until I come back to America for another 4 weeks. But how many times has someone said that they would wait for you to come back to just was not going to happen. Mark made me fish on chips he said it was to make me feel at home but I knew it was just because I boasted about how nice the combo where together...and he just had to try it. "your right!" he said. "They are amazing together!"
"ha not like us to then..."
"what do you mean?"
"Well this is our last night together...we will never see each other again."
"it's just the beginning for us G..."(G stands for Georgia.)
"you will forget about me..."
"How could i? I love you more than anything!"
"your my everything!" He was about to lean over and kiss me. I kind of didn't want him to because I had to get used to life without him. I can't imagine not seeing him again it would be like a big black hole get punctured through my heart. I can Imagine...
Before he could get to my mom called me. "come on Hun early night!" that's when it hit me. I will never ever see Mark Swan again...
We shared our last kiss and he whispered to me "I will find you!" this gave me no reassurance. I was going no one could change that.
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